Tell us the odd things you hate. (We’re having a Twitter party.)

Go to the General/Random forum, and tell us your most hated things. We’re tweeting your #oddhates from @figmentfiction.

41 thoughts on “Tell us the odd things you hate. (We’re having a Twitter party.)

  1. weird things i hate:
    sam, picks his nnose then eats it :p
    vera, complains about everything
    instant oatmeal
    booger flavored jelly beans (THEY EXIST IM SERIOUS!)
    WEIRD STUFF I HATE!! 😀 thank you!

  2. This is realllllllllly weird, but i absolutely hate sneezes. yes sneezes, not cus they are gross, but because i hate the sound i guess? i dont know, but i hate them. That and chalk are like my two biggest pet peeves! XD

  3. certain fabrics freak me out. like silk. ohmygod just the thought of it makes me cringe. and you know how everyone hates nails on a chalkboard? well the equivalent for me is the sound of mechanical pencils squeaking on paper. ughhh. oh and lastly. when people mix up the “your”s “to”s and “there”s. PET PEEVE.

  4. Wow. Things that I hate that are odd….

    I hate it when my nose is stuffy while I’m going to the bathroom, even though I can just blow it in the TP sitting right next to me

    I hate it when you are totally happy because you won something, someone gave you a prezzy, etc., and then someone tells you some really stupid joke and your happiness goes bye-bye




  5. I hate people sticking their gum places. I was at a college, and found a peice of moldy gum under a bed. It was so gross.

  6. I hate when people think there so cool like at my school but there really not….
    I hate when Justin Bieber, Jordan Sparks… oh and Kelly CLarkson

    I hate the people at my school…
    I hate when my little sister does not flush the toilet and leaves a leaves a surprise behind…..

    I hate when i mess something up and get a bad grade on my papers

    I hate my room when it’s messy

    I hate My friend when she gets to annoying

    I hate the show icary and Hannoh montana
    I hate books when they are boring…
    i hate my clothes because they are ugly
    i hate my self for complaining
    i hate facebook
    i hate myspace
    i hate twitter
    i hate webkinz
    i hate pixie hollow
    i hate google
    i hate laptops
    i hate toilets when they flush
    i hate jelly beans
    i hate candy
    i hate pizza
    i hate pop
    i hate beans
    i hate vegies
    i hate fruits
    i hate bugs
    i hate honey
    i hate pancakes
    i hate cups for some weird reason
    and i hate when i’nm thristy which is right now……
    aka LexiBear72

  7. I hate conga lines. With a passion.
    I also hate wearing shoes, I try not to whenever I can get away with it.
    touchscreen. sunscreen. window screens; I want to be able to stick my head out the window!
    and Disney channel movies. big time. (not classic Disney- those are awesome)

  8. I know everyone is all over this, but I hate, and I mean HATE Poke’mon. I always tell this to my friends (3 of which are Poke’mon addicts), and when I say this, please don’t take offense, but I think it’s for 30-year old men who eat cold-popcorn, watching soap-operas with a 5 o’clock shadow in their mother’s basement. The funny thing about that statement is how true it is. Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure everyone hates me. 😛

  9. I hate the feeling of my nails on a newspaper (I think that’s why I always keep them really short). It’s like nails on a chalkboard, only i can FEEL it, so it’s worse (for me). It’s bizarre.

  10. The Odd Things I hate-
    *I hate when people eat ice cream the wrong way (There is a way! Don’t deny it!)
    *I hate it when I see girls wearing Uggs and shorts together.
    *I hate the game RACK-O.
    *I hate Pistachio ice cream.
    *I HATE when people lie or talk behind people’s back. (I’ll find you if you’re doing it :D)

  11. I hate cliches, except when they’re a narm charm.

    I hate when lighters don’t turn on the first two times. Matches FTW.

    I hate it when a fight scene in an anime lasts for more than one episode. Ughhhh.

    I hate purple cap erasers because they don’t get the job done like the yellow ones do. D:

  12. I hate when my brother plays video games all the time – it’s like he has no life.
    I hate when people ooh and ahh when other people get hurt.
    I hate when you’re thinking of something, and all of a sudden something totally random pops into your head and then you can’t get it out.
    I hate the sound of somebody blowing their nose – GROSS!
    I hate excessively negative people ;D

  13. I hate feet. [ not like that they smell or anything… i just hate feet. ]

    I hate having to wear shoes in the summer. [ which is a total paradox considering my previous hate… ]

    I absolutely hate History. [ i love watching shows on history, but nothing is interesting in a text book. this isn’t exactly odd, but just something I wanted to put out there. ]

    I hate how in a class there will be a row of people chewing gum at different speeds, then that one person who just doesn’t have gum. [ i don’t know. it entertains me, but i want to scream for them to all get gum and chew at the same speed. ]

    I hate certain big trucks. [ i have a sort of phobia of getting into a hummer or driving one. i guess that’s why… ]

  14. I hate uggs.
    I hate cherry flavored coke, pepsi, and dr.pepper.
    I hate when guys wear DEEP v’s, I don’t like staring at chest hair.
    I hate when I’m forced to cut my nails short. I don’t like the feeling.
    I hate when I hear a song for the billionth time, and everyone’s singing it at school.
    I hate waking up late.
    I hate waking up early.
    I hate when my cat runs around like he’s having a crazy, bumping into everything in his path at 3:00 am.
    I hate vanilla cake.
    I hate yogurt with fruit lumps in it.
    I hate when I see girls so fake thier faces are orange. Drives me crazy.
    I hate when guys wear shorts, that are WAY too short.
    I hate conceted people.
    I hate when I think I spelled something wrong, and it’s really not so I went through all the trouble to find the correct spelling for nothing.
    I hate when people say “warsh” instead of “wash”.
    I hate when people say “yella” instead of “yellow”.
    I hate sunburn.
    I hate stupid people.
    I hate that everyone in the freaking world says thier favorite color is blue. Maybe yellow, or purple would like some attention?
    I hate taking a huge gulp of soda, and it being flat.
    I hate stale popcorn.
    I hate Hannah Montanna.
    I hate Justin Bieber.
    I hate how on Youtube, people are constantly hating on the music. If you hate it, why are you on the page? Also people, when you stick up for the music, you make them want to fight back. Just ignore them and they’ll get bored. They’re like little siblings.
    I hate when people talk behind your back.
    I hate when people try to lie, even though you already know.
    I hate when people are nervous about something they want to tell me so they lie, but it really doesn’t matter.
    I hate things that are overly cliche.
    I hate jello.
    I hate having to cough in the library. You’re too scared that you’ll get yelled at, or everyone will stare at you.
    I hate how every damn horror movie has a naked chick in it, or a blonde moron. Do you NOT hear the music getting louder and more dramatic? That’s where the killer is! Who in the world goes out into a forest in the middle of the night?! Why did you look behind the door instead of taking the oppertunity to run the f*ck away!?!?!
    I hate many things, these are some of them.
    Thanks for reading!

  15. ~Unibrows. They scare me.
    ~Grass. I love sitting in it, I love running my fingers through it, I love the stains, but I’m allergic to it. After my cat runs around in the garden, I cuddle him and I’m sneezing and itching.
    I fall asleep in the grass, my back is red for hours. Almost anything I do which includes running around (which I do a lot) I have to pay for.

  16. Oh I have another odd thing I hate. I hate lewis dot structures in Chemistry. Are they trying to torture us poor chem students?

  17. i hate…
    ~salad dressing–i just can’t stand soggy food
    ~the little pieces of wax that crayons leave behind
    ~and i know that this last one is weird, but i hate the smell of deoderant. it’s too overwhelming–i have to hold my breath when i use it.

  18. I hate the chills… like when you shake for no reason you just suddenly shake? i hate that. i hate being cold so i always wear a jacket of some sort. I hate vanilla cake. I hate the sound of my teeth grinding. I hate the waffle song. I hate the sound of my moms mixer thingy. I hate the little dots you see when you stare at a light or the sun for too long (if you don’t know what i mean try looking at the sun then at a dark place and you will see a little dot) I hate zombies and bloody mary. I hate the hunger games series. I hate spy movies. I hate westerns. I hate sonic the hedgehog (hes gay). I hate my bathroom mirror cause my sister did the bloody mary thing with it. I hate blood. I hate guns. I hate wearing my shoes right (i like to wear them with the back bent down). I hate crayons. I hate girly girls. I hate guys who act like faggots. AND MOST OF ALL! I HATE…………. justin beaver! DA DA DAAAAAAA who doesn’t hate him?

  19. When two people are at a restaurant and both of them are texting or playing on their iPhones. Or when people check their texts while they’re in a conversation.

  20. I hate vegetables, artificial taste of water melon and green apple. People say coke and pepsi taste the same but I hate coke and love pepsi. Hate high school Musical, anyone else with me? Pigs are ugly 😛 I love all colors of the rainbow except brown. It look’s like poop.

  21. I hate:
    things that last forever
    really piercing noises
    when someone tries an instument and fis really bad
    concieded people
    typing the “right” way
    some people that I can’t mention
    my height

  22. You know what I really hate?

    When guys who are gentlemen and have chivalry are shut down by girls who complain about not having nice guys.

    • In reply to your second hate, I hate guys who aren’t gentlemen complain about girls caring about guys being nice… It’s sorta like, “Then hold a door or do something nice for once!” Don’t complain if you don’t have it… or something like that…

  23. I hate it when you fall and your rolling around on the ground going “OW! OW! OW!” and someone walks up to you and says, “Are you okay?” NO OF COURSE I’M NOT F*CKING OKAY! WHY DO YOU THINK I’M SCREAMING ‘OW’?!”

    (I always say “Are you going to be okay?” when someone gets hurt.)

  24. I’d have to say I hate Justin Beiber…he’s a dude but he sings like a 15 year old girl, what’s up with that.

    I hate losing
    I hate cheesy comedies
    I hate haters

  25. I hate when I forget my dreams!
    And when I forget what my idea of writing was going to be…
    MOST OF ALL, I hate vegetables XP

  26. Oops, got a few more ;P…
    I Hate when bread gets stuck to the roof of my mouth.
    I Hate when my boyfriend calls me baby, or babe.
    I Hate when I get something stuck in my eye.
    I Hate when im sweaty >.<…

  27. I really hate people that take forever to text back. It’s like “Okay, I took the time out of whatever-I’m-doing-right-now to text you, and you’re just sitting around, not replying to me.”
    I hate people that put an effort into hating Justin Bieber or Twilight. I’m not a fan of either, but really? Do you have to freak out whenever someone is?
    I hate people that actually write like this: y0 mann, lets go 2 teh prty 2nite lol
    I hate when people don’t use apostrophes
    I hate when people are judgmental of others’ opinions
    I hate when people complain about school reading assignments. Seriously, this man/woman spent months, possibly years, writing this for YOU and all you can do is cry about it.
    I hate the sound of silverware on a plate
    I hate people that think they’re wonderful
    I hate girls that wear makeup to sports practice
    I hate dress codes
    I hate sweeping
    I hate people who say “word.”
    I hate kids that think they’re hipsters
    I hate people that won’t take the time to read Harry Potter, but then talk about how lame it is
    I hate people who compare Twilight and Harry Potter. Dude, there isn’t even a comparison.
    I hate that I spent 5 minutes of my life writing this list.

  28. I hate hate hate the word “funky” or any other forms of that word. EW!
    I hate horror movies that always have the stupid girl that looks behind the door. always happens. always. JUST RUN AWAY!!!
    I hate melty ice cream. P.S. if you eat it the right way, your hand wont get sticky. Just a hint.
    I hate other things but I have to go to school now so…

  29. Pea Green Soup, I hate it. It’s very slimy, and ugly. I do like peas , but not when they are all smashed up and mooshy and army uniform-green colored!Yuk!

  30. i hate KETCHUP. idk but when i smell it or see and especially if it gets on me i freak out. i can’t stand it idk why???lol

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