How to Survive Figment: A List

Lately in our Figment forums, writers have been contributing lists of informal, helpful, and occasionally side-splitting rules for the Figment newbie. Here’s just a sample.

1. People here are usually accepting.

2. As long as you’re not a troll.

3. Don’t leave comments on work saying “this is terrible because I don’t like the genre…”

4. Wait for five negative reviews before deciding that your writing fails.

5. Only write non-fiction if you believe truth is stranger then fiction.

6. Most Figmentorians are insane. Try to be prepared for garbanzo bean showers or
unexpected glomps.

7. Just get over the fact that everyone here IS insane, and we’ll think you’re weird if
you think that we’re weird for being weird (which we are…)

8. Try not to insult Figment staff more than twice a week.

9. If a user is grumpy, you should always do one of the following…

– Follow them.
– Heart one of their writings…..WITHOUT asking for a swap.
– Give them a big hug.

10. Stalking the forums is socially acceptable.

11. But don’t post too many threads about how bored and lonely you are.

12. Try not to double or triple post. It’s annoying sometimes.

13. Try not to double or triple post. It’s annoying sometimes.

14. Try not to double or triple post. It’s annoying sometimes.

15. If you mock Harry Potter, you might be torn apart by rabid writers.

16. Even if you think you see a misspelling, don’t use whiteout on the computer screen.

17. Don’t abuse smiley faces. : ))))))))) Seriously, it looks like it has a million double

18. If you run with scissors, expect an ‘I told you so’.

(Created by Maxine Lightfoot, Celestine Co, Joshua LF Mitchell, Becky Hill, Ryan Curtis, Janus Roi, Kris Larson, Kara B., Kasey Jay, Jon Farrar, Tempest Wisdom, Plot Cat, Kyla Denae, Michael Reed, Sam G., Rachel, Annie Meyer, Holly Blackwood, Cassandra Alzer, and Rhea.)

Read the full list at the original forum post here: How to Survive Figment: A List. Thanks everyone, we sort of kind of adore you.

11 thoughts on “How to Survive Figment: A List

  1. I’m famous! On the figment blog! BEST DAY EVER! This is awesome! Maxine Lightfoot turned his simple forum into a “Figment Goldmine” if you will.

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