Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

by Tirzah Price

Sophie Mercer has always had troubles controlling her powers, and when she was forced to Hex Hall, she found out why: she’s not a witch like she thought, but rather a demon. She’s determined to remove her powers so that she won’t run the risk of losing control and hurting anyone, but her father (and the only other demon in the world) intervenes. He demands that Sophie spend the summer with him in England before making up her mind. Without a say in the matter, Sophie heads to England with her friends Jenna and Cal, only to make a few shocking discoveries about the Council and find that someone is raising demons. Meanwhile, The Eye and Archer Cross are still hunting for Sophie, forcing her to make some difficult–and potentially deadly–choices.

Rachel Hawkins has delivered a sharp and witty sequel that is even better than Hex Hall, and will generate as much laughter as suspense. Sophie’s voice is hilarious, and her constant sarcasm, even in the face of danger and disaster, makes this series stand out. But all humor aside, another great part about this book is that Sophie is given the chance to start a genuine, meaningful relationship with her father, and once she gives him a chance, he doesn’t turn out to be as odd or horrid as she initially suspected. Some other elements that keep Demonglass interesting are an unwelcome ghost, an unexpected betrothal, a pair of enigmatic new characters, and of course, the continuing tension between Sophie and Archer Cross, made even more dramatic by the revelation of Archer’s true alliances. Hawkins raises the stakes as Sophie learns more about her demon powers and the political struggles among the Council, and there is plenty of drama leading to a climatic betrayal and showdown. Readers will be left squirming for a third book, especially when they discover the final twist Hawkins plants in the last pages–Demonglass is a whirlwind of mystery, magic, romance, and fun.

Tirzah Price is a sophomore at Ferris State University and blogs regularly at If not reading or writing, she is most likely lurking around Twitter @compelledtoread.

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