Happy Pi Day! (Featured Figmenters)

So today is Pi day. Haven’t heard of this? Here’s a quick explanation: 3/14 (today’s date) = 3.14blahblahblah. That’s right. A day celebrating a mathematical number that caused me to have nightmares when I was a child. But that’s done and over with. Today, I can celebrate the quirky “little” number with a video that…yes…musically interprets Pi to the 31st decimal place. And to make it even more special, I’m including a few Figmenter books on math (directly beneath the video).


And here they are…our very own Figmenters 🙂

Ma Collection de Poesie (Chapter 3) by Kaitlin Farley This Is Why I Hate Math by Stephanie Sinkhorn Math by Kacii
Variable by Naomi Lattanzi The Devil by Ryan Mann The Irony of A Time Machine by Megan Kipper

3 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day! (Featured Figmenters)

  1. I saw this on the front page of Figment and I was like, “Hey, I should submit my poem!”. Then the link brought me here and I cheered ‘cuz mine was already here!!!!

    Haha, I feel slightly stupid, but still happy.

  2. I memorized over 200 digits of pi for a contest once…I’m such a nerd. 🙂 Pi day is my birthday too! It’s Albert Einstein’s as well.

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