Poem-A-Day Challenge: Day Three

It’s now day three of the Poem-A-Day Challenge and, I must say, you’re all looking lovely — the poetry must be having a positive effect on your constitutions. Keep that writing coming, because the new prompt is upon us!

Remember, there are no restrictions on the poems you write in terms of length, meter, or rhyme. The only requirement is that you post your poem within 24 hours of each prompt’s announcement and that you tag it appropriately. Today’s tag will be: WednesdayPADC

And the prompt for today is (insert drumroll here):

Write a poem involving a strange fact that you know, a secret you are keeping, and six small, separate objects.

I smell a challenge! Fearless Figmenters, don’t let us down!

22 thoughts on “Poem-A-Day Challenge: Day Three

  1. Umm…….. I posted my poem for yesterday like ten minutes ago :/ does that still count I think it was within the 24 hours of it being posted yesterday….

  2. Are we allowed to promote our entries? Because I did concrete poem for yesterday and I really want some feedback on it.

  3. I know not any strange facts, and I am keeping no secrets of any importance (or any atm TMK), so I will just sit out for the time being…

  4. does the fact have to be like a concrete fact? or can it be something you’ve come to know in your life as a fact as in, “he loves me” and you’re positive he does? And then what is considered strange? As in, what if I think that is strange because no one has ever loved me unconditionally before? could that be considered strange?

    • The poem does not have to be a concrete fact. The point of these prompts is to get you thinking, not to get you stuck in just following the rules, so take it as you will! Hope this helps. (Love the idea of talking about conditional love, by the way!)

  5. wait do we have to include all three? the secret, strange fact and small objects? because i didn’t exactly understand the small objects part

    • We’re not judging you off of your adherence to the prompts, they’re just to get you started — so take it in whatever direction you wish!

    • Hmm, that’s tricky. I’m not sure you’ll be eligible to win, but it’d still be great if you could put up your poems…

  6. i just found out about it today, and got really inspired. i really hope that i can be eligible. if you find out, could you please tell me? Thank you!

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