Sci-Fi Contest Finalists!

They came, they saw, they conquered. Here they are, the Sci-Fi Contest Finalists!

Perfection’s Flaws by Charlotte Hennessey
Perfection by Roberta Shapiro
The Improvements by Rose99
Perfect Monster by Alex C.
Windsong by deepshikha
Chocolate Trees and What Not by Priyanka
Oblivion by Kristin Yuki
The Bottom of the Pool by Rosetta Simon
Birthday Bride by Tristan
The Perfect Cell by Jake Ratcliff
Cityscape by Kristin

Due to a tie, we have eleven finalists instead of ten. The winner will be judged by Paolo Bacigalupi, so good luck to all of our finalists! And congrats to everyone who entered–there were some absolutely beautiful entries.

9 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Contest Finalists!

  1. Yes! I made it! I just read through my entry and found that I forgot a period (.) in one spot. Can I change that or did you already send them?

  2. Yes, I made it! Sorry to bug you, but are they being sent in that order? Only asking because usually they’re random, not that I care. Thanks!
    Oh, and thanks to all the people who voted for me! 🙂

  3. Meh. Well, I didn’t expect to get to finalists. I fail at self-promo.

    Congratulations and good luck to those who made it!

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