Announcing the Backwards Contest

Go to “contests” to see more information on The Backwards Contest, inspired by TRUTH & DARE!

2 thoughts on “Announcing the Backwards Contest

  1. So I have a question about contests in general, though not this one specifically. I don’t like cluttering up my work area with all these short stories I’ve created for contests. As such, I’ve consolidated them all into one collection. I have left a work open to post contst entries just to save space.
    Well, I noticed I keep the hearts and comments I received on the original stories that were there. Does this count as heart theft when it comes to contests? Because I’m not trying to cheat or anything, I’m honestly trying to consoliate work areas and such.
    Thanks for helping clear this up!

    • Current contest entries must be their own separate piece on Figment in order to be valid, but any entries for closed contests can be organized however you’d like! Let me know if this answers your question-

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