Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready

Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready from The Figment Reviewby Tirzah Price

Aura thought she lost her ghost boyfriend Logan forever when he turned Shade, but she is shocked to find that she, as the first person born since the Shift, has the power to turn Logan back into a regular ghost…and more. But the discovery of her new powers has many implications, and complicates things with Zachary. It’s becoming clear that Aura needs to choose between Logan and Zachary, but she’ll need them both in order to solve the mysteries her mother took to the grave.

Shift picks up right where Shade left off, and it doesn’t let go of the reader for a second. Smith-Ready continues to slowly reveal little pieces about the Shift, all the while uncovering more puzzles for Aura and Zachary to solve. However, their search isn’t the only thing on Aura’s mind–she is far from over Logan, especially since he doesn’t seem to be able to move on, and Smith-Ready does an excellent job at balancing her conflicting feelings for Logan, the grief her friends and his family still hold onto, and the search for the truth with Zachary. Both boys are vivid, wonderfully drawn characters; despite being dead, Logan’s larger than life personality continues to shine through, and Zachary’s manner of speaking and little habits make him tangible. The stakes are high and things heat up as secrets become more valuable, the DMP closes in, and Aura is forced to choose between Logan and Zachary once and for all. Shift is another outstanding book that will leave readers breathless.

Tirzah Price is a sophomore at Ferris State University and blogs regularly at If not reading or writing, she is most likely lurking around Twitter @compelledtoread.

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