The Making of a Book Trailer by Micol Ostow

If you’ve seen the trailer for family (if you haven’t look below!), then you know it’s eerie, evocative, and downright shiver-inducing! I wish I could take credit for the production, but it is 120% courtesy of Hello King Productions, conceived, directed, and produced by my amazingly creative brother, David Ostow, and his colleague, Dan Salomon.

When I first approached Dave and Dan about a trailer, I gave them a copy of the manuscript and told them to tell me what their vision was for the project after they’d read it. After reading the book, they put together an overview and a quick dummy clip with placeholder images to give me a sense of where they were going. It was actually very similar tonally to the finished product (although some of the shots – like one of a young Barack Obama – were a little jarring!).
I loved it, and shared it with my agent and publisher, who both agreed.

Normally with this type of production, stock photography does just fine. Little did I know what Dave and Dan had in store. The two linked up with photographer Jen Painter and organized a photo shoot for all of those spooky, see-through-you portraits you see in the final product. Pizza was ordered, music was cranked, and a sunny Sunday afternoon was spent snapping away. Here are some shots from behind the scenes.

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