My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews

My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews from The Figment Reviewby Lilly

This book will be released on May 24.

When I read Twlight, I was almost sure that Stephanie Meyers couldn’t have created such an amazingly disappointing and boring book all by herself. And, as it turns out, I proved myself right. Ms. Meyers borrowed a page from V.C. Andrew’s My Sweet Audrina, a melodramatic family saga starring the beautiful-and-jaded Audrina Adare.

Audrina is sweet, loving, and terrified of the First and Best Audrina, the deceased older sibling for whom the second Audrina is named. However, everyone around Audrina knows the truth about the First and Best Audrina, for which they’ve done everything possible to keep the Second Audrina from knowing. Through both romantic and emotional tribulations, Audrina is faced with her apprehension of the First and Best Audrina, and her fear of what she herself is capable of.

Although the concept of the story is very nice, the story itself is rather drab. There isn’t really anything special about it that makes you want to hop right in and read it. It’s the same four or five scenarios repeated again and again, interspersed with tragic deaths and forbidden marriages. You begin to get the feeling around page three that Audrina isn’t really as scared of her sister as she says she is. In fact, to me it just seems like she suffers from OCD.

Communication between the characters is practically non-existent, as evidenced by the fact that Audrina makes it through nearly the entire book before realizing what everyone else has known all along. It takes until the last page to finally see Audrina get some closure, and after she gets it she decides that she’ll give up and stay at home for her whole life! Which is fitting—what better way to end a story like My Sweet Audrina than to see your only chance of a good ending fly out the window?

In the end, I didn’t really like this book. I respect Ms. Andrews for putting in the time and energy to write this book, for there most surely is someone out there who enjoyed it. However, that person wasn’t me.

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