Figment Maintenance

At 1:00 AM EST (when you SHOULD be asleep), Figment will be shut down for a few hours while some upgrades are implemented. It will return faster, stronger, and Chuck Norris-er.

13 thoughts on “Figment Maintenance

  1. Should we be worried about our writings? Is there any chance they could get destroyed or anything? Should we back them up?

    • Hey K. Anne-
      No. You should not worry about backing them up. A back-up outside of figment is a good thing to have under any circumstances, but there is no threat of losing your writings in this transition. In fact, part of the maintenance is another ( we have several) back-up of Figment. If you think you will need to access your writings during the down time, though, you should have alternate copies.
      If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at
      -Emily 🙂

  2. Are there any new things to use. Like different writings and our profiles worked up? Like when you made the walls on our profiles!

  3. What time, about, should it be up and running again?
    Because while I should be asleep, I won’t be, and Figment was going to be my entertainment… so about what time will I be able to make it back on?

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