Hereafter by Tara Hudson

Hereafter by Tara Hudson from The Figment Reviewby Frankie

This book will be released on June 7, 2011.

As the kind of person who reads books as if life depends on it, the thing that annoys me most in literature is simple: a book that’s a great idea, but in reality, just doesn’t work as well.

When I read the cover of Hereafter, I thought it would be a great book. Amelia, a long-dead ghost, falls in love with Joshua, one of the only alive people with the ability to see her. Before Amelia meets Joshua, she knows nothing of her life or death, except what she learns from the reoccurring nightmares she has of her death. Often, she dreams of herself drowning in the river below High Bride Road, as she knows she did so many years ago. During one of these nightmares, Amelia finds that she’s not the only one drowning, and she quickly swims to Joshua’s aid. After saving his life, Amelia begins to experience things she hasn’t felt since death: memories, the feel of the breeze, and, of course, love.

The story all sounded very interesting in my opinion, and I struggled to finish the book I’d been reading before opening this one. After speed-reading the last one hundred pages or so, I finally had the chance to begin reading Hereafter.

The idea for the book was a great one, but to be honest, the actual thing wasn’t as good. The romance between Joshua and Amelia was too cheesy and overdone for my taste, and the ending seemed to take a leap just to finish it up. I never felt the need to read “just one more chapter.”

I think a lot of romance-crazy girls will most definitely love this book. If you’re one of them, I’d say yes, go read it. But for my own personal tastes, I’d have to give it a three out of five rating.

Frankie, or “thefrankie,” has been called weird but thinks original is a much better word. She’s fourteen, and (obviously) a writer. She’s been telling stories since she was three, writing since she first learned to, and wanting to be an author since Kindergarten. Her other hobbies are running, playing handbells, singing loudly off-key, taking pictures of exploded fruits (exploded watermelons are actually very cool), playing with play-doh, and hanging out on figment!

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  1. You should read “A Certain Slant of Light.” Similar premise, but an amazing book, smart and deep and beautiful.

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