FigLitChat Recap

Yesterday, we held our bi-weekly figlitchat where we discuss all things booky. This week we focused on beginnings. Thanks to everyone who participated- we had some great responses!

On reading into a book before buying it (or giving up):

@teenugly: depends on the book, but usually I know based on the first few sentences if I’ll buy or not.
@RacquelHenry: I read the first page. The first page must draw me in.
@MattReeves17: I usually read several random pages, but that’s only if the book cover and blurb on the back catch my interest.
@anamolli:I remember reading that you need to make the perfect first sentence hook. Yet, I’ve never read less than a page before judging.

On favorite and least favorite beginning styles:

@ReadingFever: I prefer not to start out in a dream or a flashback. It’s very disorienting.
@MirandaNoelRock: I hate it when it begins with something like “I never would have guessed that (fill in the blank) would change my life forever.
@AudryT: If a story starts out with someone waking up in bed on a normal day, I’m immediately suspicious that the writing will be amateur.
@FigmentFiction: @AudryT “It was a normal day in Sunnydale…”

General Comments:
@AudryT: I”m NOT a fan of sequels doing “recap” sequences where characters think about everything that happened last book.
@MattReeves17: If I sense anything amateur in the beginning pages, I get disinterested very quickly. Sometimes the idea is the problem.
@Lydia_Sharp: NO. RT @Figmentfiction: How do you feel about non-beginnings? Poems, maps, character lists– stuff that leads into a story?

If you missed this chat, join us (@figmentfiction) with the hashtag #figlitchat for our next discussion on June 15th!

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