It’s over!

People went crazy with their ideal superpowers in order to win a copy of Barry Lyga’s <em>Goth Girl Rising</em>! Click the blog to read some of the phenomenal responses-

11 thoughts on “It’s over!

  1. My uberduper weird super power would be the ability to talk/listen to plants. You always hear people saying talking to plants helps them grow, well i want to be able to talk Plant to them, and for them to answer!! sweetnesss..

  2. I would love to be able to be invisible. It would be so cool to be able to be invisible. I would be nosya dn listen in on people’s conversations and see if they are talking about me. I would be able to dish out the people that are not truly my friends.

  3. I would love to have the SuperPower to be able to Read Minds. Imagine being able to stop terrorists before they strike. To find out where a nuclear bomb suitcase is in the last few minutes. To find out if someone was “really” guilty before they were sentenced to death.To read a pedophiles mine and find out where a child is? The possibilities are endless~~

  4. I want the power of influence, so I would be able to discreetly rule the world, without anyone knowing I have a power. It would be so easy… just tell everyone to bow down to me, and then I’m Empress of the World. Sadly, I don’t have that power, so there’s no need to worry… for now.

  5. I think – No, I know, my super power I’d choose would be to waterbend. First of all, you can amaze your friends by doing this. I swim, so I’m around the water almost every day. By waterbending, can you imagine how fast I could swim? Also, it’s handy in a pinch. I would carry water with me at all times, so if someone tried to attack me and steal my belongings, I could use the water to pull them down and freeze them. It would save my life… and my belongings. I don’t have that power. But you never know…

  6. If I could have any superpower, I would want the power to control time. I would want to stop time, rewind and fast forward. This way I could freeze time, and do what ever I wanted, then go back and unfreeze things. I could go back in time and change the past, but only things that happened in my life time, as well go forward to see how things end up, but only as far as I would live.
    With the power to control time, I could rewind my mistakes, fast forward through the bad times, and pause moments to soak it all up.

  7. I think my ideal superpower would be the power to remember everything and be able to give others memories. Not only because I have a averagely terrible memory, but I’d want that power to be able to transfer to other people. My best friend has a case of short-term memory loss and has had so much trouble lately. I’d want to give her a memory of the first time we meet since I’ve had to tell the story six times because she still can’t seem to remember it. She knows who I am, but I want her to know how and why our paths crossed. It’s a power used for a personal issue, yes, but I would never forget were I put my keys too. :]

  8. If I had any superpower, it would be the power to have any power I desired. Duh. Why should I have to live with only one? I would be able to read minds, inhabit bodies, disappear, walk through walls, fly, rewind time…I would be all powerful. I could take control of the world – become the ultimate leader. Everyone would be under my control, if they disobeyed, I could send them to oblivion with a snap of my finger. I would have no weakness as I would be the all powerful.

    I would also be great at parties. Dazzle all my friends with tricks and stuff like that.


  9. I’d have the powers of energy production and manipulation based in unstable emotions. A different emotion means I can do different things with this power.

  10. My superpower is to be able to control and produce energy from air. Air is all around and I wont have to carry a weapon. The energy production is great for making shields and other defensive things while the control of air gives me the ability to fly. Double the fun!

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