Hurry! Enter the Paulo Coelho Fable-Writing Contest-

“The boy’s name was Santiago.” These are the first words of the world’s most beloved modern fable, The Alchemist. This tale follows Santiago on his quest for hidden treasure by way of one or two weird-but-secretly-very-wise people, a long trip on the back of a camel, and, most importantly, a long talk with the wind. How will your fable begin? And will you find treasure at the end of it?

There’s a big treasure to be found: Figment is giving $1,000 to the winner of our fable-writing contest, judged by none other than the king of fabulists himself: Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist. (Yes, you may start hyperventilating now.)

Your challenge is to write a fable (a short story with a moral) in less than 1200 words, set in a fictional country on the day before the final battle in a devastating war. Paulo Coelho will read the finalists and decide the winner. Which is kind of like having your poem read by Robert Frost or your play read by Arthur Miller. Which is, well, amazing.

How to Enter:
1. Sign up for an account on
2. Click on “create something new”
3. Add your fable, press “publish now” when you’re finished
4. Go to the “Details” tab
5. In “Tags,” type: fablecontest, then press “Save Details”
6. Come back to this page, and make sure your entry shows up below!

The deadline for entries is Sunday, June 19 at 11:59pm EST. Then YOU have the power to determine the 10 finalists that go to Paulo Coelho by hearting your favorite entries. Just browse below and heart as many entries as you like. Voting will continue until Friday, July 1 at 11:59pm EST. The promotion of your contest entry on Figment forums and profiles is not allowed. Please read the official rules before entering. Good luck, everyone!

25 thoughts on “Hurry! Enter the Paulo Coelho Fable-Writing Contest-

  1. Hi there Figment!
    I just wanted to let you know that Paulo is spelled wrong in the title of this article. Maybe you already knew this, but I thought I’d let you know. 🙂 Thanks!
    ~Jillian Noelle
    PS~ Figment is so awesome.

  2. hi! figment is really awesome but i just wanted to know if you really give pizes to the winners if they belong to India.

    • Hi Neha

      As long as participating in contests for prizes is legal in your country of residence, you can enter for a chance to win.

  3. As of yet my story has not appeared. It has the correct tag, is this just my computer? I’m only wondering because the deadline is fast approaching.

  4. I got my entry in before the deadline and tagged it fable contest, but I don’t see it showing up with the others. I only find it when I search for it.

  5. Hi,

    I entered a story earlier tonight. It was showing up on page 37 at one point but I don’t see it now. Not sure what happened. Help? 🙁

  6. Leeland and I submitted our entries around 11:30 PM the night of the contest’s closing but I don’t see either of them among the entries… Are we still qualified/entered?

  7. Okay, can we edit our entries even though the entry period is over? And if we can’t edit our stories, do we get disqualified if we do edit the story part, not the description part

  8. Just a quick question- since there are so many people vying for the top spot, and it is going to be extremely close, maybe you can up the number of finalists, for such a huge contest?

    • Hi Fish

      We try to keep the finalists to ten (unless there’s a tie) in order to keep from overwhelming the author. Please feel free to email me at if you have any further questions. Best of luck!

  9. Gahhh! I hate this contest! I obsessed on Figment for about a month, all for NOTHING. 😛

    But no offense to you guys or anything, these contest ideas are great!!!

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