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Every week, Figment features a blog that we think is all kinds of wonderful. This week, we’re featuring Danny and fwriction!

Tell me about starting fwriction. When was it founded? How has it since evolved? How did you come up with the name of the blog, and how on earth do you pronounce it? (Haha.)

fwriction began in February 2010 with a Joan Didion quote, but for me, the blog started, in its current form, on April 1, 2010, with the writing and publishing of a short essay, Sentences. This became a blueprint for what I wanted fwriction to be: a collection of good writing and writing about the literary world (a strong blog to accompany the literary journal, fwriction : review). From there, the Story of the Day emerged and has continued to thrive. I wanted to find a way to bring the highest quality published writing to readers for free.

The name fwriction came simply from the combination of writing and fiction, which, for me, ultimately cause a type of creative friction. As far as pronunciation, I just saw “friction,” with a bit of a “w” flare…

Who reads the submissions to fwriction: review? Are there any patterns you see in the pieces that end up being chosen?

I am the primary reader and Editor for fwriction : review, along with Assistant Poetry Editor, Laura Brown. I like diversity in writing, but I am, of course, always drawn to particular styles or content. I love spare writing (Raymond Carver is the bee’s knees), as well as writing about relationships, whether between spouses, siblings, parents, etc.; the way people interact with one another utterly fascinates me. Writing that surprises me will ultimately strike my eye. I’ve had the pleasure of publishing work by writers such as Roxane Gay, David Kirby, Paul Lisicky, Frank Hinton, Julie Innis, Marcus Speh, Alison Barker, and many other writers who continually bring something fresh and distinctive to journal readers.

There are some very intriguing and unique tabs in your navigation–OMTW!, Canadian Jay, Icebergs… what can you tell me about those features?

I like my tabs*. Here’s a quick rundown:

OMTW! One More Time Wednesday! postings (the new issues of fwriction : review launch on Thursdays) showcase a quote from the current issue of fwriction : review, paired with a picture from my collection that I find suitable. It’s something fun to close out the week-long run of the current issue.

Canadian Jay A collection of rants from the living literary character, Canadian Jay. They are laugh-out-loud waffle rockers, for sure. CJ is a character from one of my short stories (Somehow There Was More Here), and in these rants he comes to life in fwrictional pages. I do not write these, as I am in no way brilliant enough for such things. Canadian Jay is an enigma.

Icebergs Original pieces I’ve written and posted to fwriction. Some are standalone essays or stories, while others are simply excerpts from something longer I’m currently writing. Is it a Novel, Yet? and Sentences are by far my favorites here.

Pubs My current and forthcoming personal writing publications. I’m terrible at promoting my own writing—both fwriction and fwriction : review are meant to promote and champion the writing of others—but this is the one “tab” where I’m making an effort to display my own work.

*We do too!

Any other fun/funny/interesting/unique/outrageous/scandalous things you can tell me about fwriction?

My coffee budget for working on fwriction and fwriction : review is just under $1.5 million per quarter. I often work in my underpants.

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  1. This looks interesting. However, when I clicked the link it was unavailable! 🙁 How’m I supposed to stalk something I can’t even look at?

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