Enemy Contest Winners!

Figlies, the wait is over! Out of the top ten finalists for the Enemy Contest, L.A. Weatherly (author of Angel Burn) chose Masquerade by Julia (cavyheart) as the winner!

Of “Masquerade,” L.A. Weatherly said, “I think the author shows real talent – the writing style is relaxed and natural, and they do an excellent job of presenting a fairly complicated story clearly, and in just a few lines. The story has a great premise; it’s tense and dramatic, with strong dialogue, and I was hooked from the first sentence. My congratulations to the author. I thoroughly enjoyed this!”

Congratulations, Julia! As first place winner, you will receive an Angel Burn prize pack offered by the magnificent Candlewick Press: 1 copy of Angel Burn, 1 Angel Burn Bag, 1 set of temporary Angel Burn tattoos, and 1 $50.00 iTunes gift card!

But wait…there’s more! Remember that panel of Fig judges? Well they chose Plunged by Ella B. as the runner up! As runner up, Ella will receive a survival kit assembled by Figment staff and inspired by events in Angel Burn.

Congratulations, figs!

And here’s the panel of Fig judges:

Linna Lee
Aea V-vW
Zina ♥
Loan Le
Ana Curtis
Carys Goodwin
R.J. Hathaway
Holly Blackwood
Megan G

5 thoughts on “Enemy Contest Winners!

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAA *takes a deep breath* AAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!

    If you can’t tell, I’m thoroughly excited. 😉 😀

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