Exclusive Trailer! Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles

Who ever said Mondays weren’t exciting? And sexyawesomehot? Because let me tell you, it’s about to get steamy in here.

For those of you who have breathlessly followed the NY Times and USA Today bestselling novels Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction (and maybe oogled the actors in the internet-famous book trailers), you ain’t seen nothing yet. If this book trailer is any indication, Chain Reaction is going to be even hotter. It’s coming out August 16, so you don’t have to wait too much longer…

But don’t listen to me anymore – press play!

The *coughSEXYcough* actor Gabriel Chavarria (who played Tito in the movie Freedom Writers), Alexander F. Rodriguez returns as “Alex Fuentes,” Giancarlo Vidrio plays “Carlos Fuentes,” and Krislian Rodriguez plays “Nikki.”

To learn more about the Perfect Chemistry series, visit Simone Elkeles’ website or join the thousands of other fans on the Perfect Chemistry Facebook page! And stay tuned, because in August, Figment will also be bringing you an exclusive excerpt of Chain Reaction.

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