Errand Contest Winners!

Greetings, figs! We know it’s been a while, but here are the winners for the Errand Contest! The top 10 hearted entries, and ten random entries, will be reviewed by yours truly – The Figmod Team. The entries are listed below, in no particular order.


1. Treasure of the Heart by Alex C.
2. Not Simple Enough by Amelia T
3. Shush by mildalbd
4. Books by Anna the Zombie
5. Things I’ll Never Know by Rennie ApBe
6. Trauma by Mello D. Huss
7. Punk’d by Kaili Huber
8. Maximum Indemnity: A Russian Tragedy by Lady of Shalott
9. The Initiation by Emma
10. Assassination and Demolition by Rose Rivera
11. When Ghost Stories Come to Life by Lilly Fantasy
12. Forgotten Names by Tom “JellyBean” Stack
13. Something’s Out There by Cole Lizabeth
14. Well Done, Agent by Anna Jonsonn
15. The Ticket by Ariel Magic-esi
16. Alien Bait by thefrankie
17. Smile by Ayesha Granger Farid
18. The Interrogation by Tessa Smith
19. To Know by Ella B
20. In Over Your Head by Corrie Hobbs

25 thoughts on “Errand Contest Winners!

  1. Will they be under past winners or just hear? Because under past winners would take a lot of space but I don’t know…….

    • Hi Cailin

      Because there are so many, those winners will not be included in the sidebar. There will, however, be a link to the blog post announcement. Hope this helps!

  2. Yay, I’m a winner! *is proud*
    So, how exactly are we getting our reviews? Like, will you email us or put it as a review on our book or what? (:

  3. So how exactly are we getting the reviewed things? I’m a little confused about that, I’ve never won a contest 🙂

    • We’ve already started to write them, but we’ll be done by early next week. Thanks for your patience! We’re trying to give long and substantive reviews.

  4. Hey! I think I was one of the randomly selected winners! Awesome! Sorry I didn’t reply earlier; I was on a trip in Europe.

  5. Hey, guys. I don’t want to harass you or anything, but I’ve been really looking forward to my review and it seems like it’s been a while… I know you’re all probably super busy, but I’m just wondering about it. Thanks and sorry for bugging you!

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