Contest with Courtney Sheinmel and NWP Finalists!

The Contest with Courtney Sheinmel and the National Writing Project is over, so….here are the finalists! There are 11 top entries since there was a tie for last place, and they are listed below in no particular order. These fantabulous entries will be sent to Courtney Sheinmel for final judging. The winner will receive a prize pack with a signed copy of Courtney’s latest book, a Moleskine notebook, some funky pens, and a Figment tote. And, of course, the right to brag to everyone you know that Courtney Sheinmel loved your story. Good luck, everyone!

Crushed Under Summer Stars by Asian Swag
How I came to exist by Mazz
Cat and Mouse by Cassy blue
Losing Friends…And Hope by Angela Funk
Powerful Words by Amelia T
Hate Your Face by Kat Connolly
My Niche in the Universe by Christopher Paghasian
Pages by Destiny Howell
I wish….Sorry Sweetheart don’t we all by Salina Lopez
To be a Leaf by Ella B
Words Last Forever by Tom “JellyBean” Stack

6 thoughts on “Contest with Courtney Sheinmel and NWP Finalists!

  1. Congratulations to everyone, but…
    Contests are just huge popularity contests to see how many of your followers actually read your stories. I really hate how this is run. The same people always get to the finals. It just makes me mad. Tom “Jellybean” Stack is a name that comes to mind. I don’t hate him and if he ever reads this comment I hope he knows that, but he has 295 followers and I have what, 56? Only ten of which actually actively following me?
    This entire system just pisses me off.
    Rant over.

  2. yey! finalist! i just want to know when the winner is announced!

    and i do kinda agree with audrey, this sometimes can be a popularity contest, which gets me pretty up set. however, some people actually do try hard for this, and to see that you’re a finalist is amazing. i have what, 40 followers? and im a finalist. i dont think its always the popularity thing, although i do agree with you that this is kind of a popularity thing.

    i prefer the contest when the people of figment decide the winners. i find it much easier and more fair for everyone else.

    well, congrats to everyone who got it! good luck, even if you are my competition! ^^

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