Teen Vogue Fashion Week Contest!

Attention all style rookies, trendsetters, and design-savvy writers: You could get your story featured on TeenVogue.com during Fashion Week 2011! Head over to this page to check out the full details and rules for the contest.

36 thoughts on “Teen Vogue Fashion Week Contest!

  1. Does the story have to take place at a fashion week location (NY, Paris, Milan etc), or can it be a fashion week somewhere else?

    • Hi Asian Swag

      It doesn’t specifically have to take place at a well-known Fashion Week location, and can take place elsewhere. Feel free to email me at Maria@Figment.com if you have any other questions.

  2. I want to write a story about a Fashion Week in my city… like I guess not an official Fashion Week location… I want my character to host one herself. Am I allowed to do that?

  3. I don’t really understand the prompt… (sorry, I’m a little thick today). Do we write about a new fashion? Or a store? Or a magazine?

    • Hi Hannah

      Happens to the best of us 🙂 The prompt asks for your story to center around Fashion Week, so focus on describing the fashions you would see there. It can be from the point of view of a magazine, a buyer, or a designer with a lineup for the show. Just make sure there are descriptions of the pieces you mention, and that your cover reflects those pieces. Feel free to email me at Maria@Figment.com if you have any other questions. Best of luck!

  4. Sorry! I have one more question.
    For the cover, do we have to take a picture of a real outfit, or can we find one online that represents the styles we described in our story?

    • Hi Neidelyn

      In order to register with Figment, which is necessary to participate in this contest, a user must be exactly 13 years of age or older.

    • Hi Neidelyn

      We don’t have that information, but a quick Google search would probably offer you a number you can call for more information.

  5. I decided to write a story about a girl who goes to Fashion Week with her mom because her mom is a designer. The girl ends up being a model, and the photo on the cover is something that she wears when she models. A few outfits are also described throughout my story. Is this okay, or did I not follow the prompt?

  6. I decided to enter his contest, but I put my cover page as a runway. If I put links to pictures of the outfits I describe somewhere on my entry, is that okay? Or does my cover page HAVE to be an outfit of some sort?

  7. what if I am not from those fifty (50) United States mentioned in the eligibility clause of the rules . Does that mean I cant participate in the competition?

    • Hi Sagar

      If your place of residence is not included in the eligibility clause, then yes, that means that you would be unable to participate.

  8. It says that we have to upload a cover with the fashions we describe. Does that mean we have to draw the clothing ourselves? Or, if we use real clothing in pictures but a fictional designer’s name is that stealing credit from the real designer?

    • Hi Kainaima

      You can draw them if you want to, but if you’re using real designs, make sure to credit that real designer in the description of your book, even if you use a fictional designer’s name.

  9. My story is about a girl who is not fashion savvy but writes a report on Fashion Week. She ends up modeling. This gives her some grief in school. Can it be a story with the show mentioned but isn’t the prominent part? Or does it have to be exactly about the show?

  10. I wrote about a girl who participates in a runway show at a fashion week location. I only really go into detail about describing one look, the main one that my story focuses on. Is it okay?

  11. Also, the clothes on my cover is unidentified. Is that bad? I describe it in the book but I never use a real brand, or even make up one.

  12. Does the character have to be fashion savvy, because it says something about that in the promt. In my story fashion helps my character even though she isnt really the most fashionable person. can fashion week be referenced in any way, is it enough just to put the words “fashion week” in my story. can i just say my character was dreaming of fashion week and she dreams of this runway show and i describe the outfits. Do they have to be outfits ive seen in real life or can i make them up. please help me with answers for these question, thanks

    • The character doesn’t have to be fashion-savvy. And yes, Fashion Week can be referenced and doesn’t have to take up 100% of the story. You can make up the outfits or use ones that exist. Hope this helps!

    • Hey Alison-
      Yes, this contest is only open to residents of the U.S. Let me know if you have any other questions- esteele [at] figment.com

  13. Hi, I’m from Monterrey, Mexico. I saw it is opened to the U.S. and was wondering if I can enter this contest also. Fluent in English! hahah

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