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Hola, Fignors and Fignoritas. Today we bring you an awesome(ly disturbing) recommended book of the week: Room by Emma Donoghue.

Don’t start reading Room if you have anywhere to be in the next couple of days. I cracked it open while I was home for the holidays last winter, and my mom had to guilt trip me into leaving the house to go see Secretariat with her. And when the promise of buttery movie theater popcorn and milk duds can’t get my nose out of a book, I know I’ve found a real gem.

Room by Emma Donoghue from FigmentRoom is the story of a mother and son, sequestered in an 11×11 room and held captive by the terrifying “Old Nick.” What makes the story even creepier is that  it’s narrated by five-year-old Jack, who has never known anything outside of “room” and thinks his life is normal and fun. He enjoys the games that, to an older reader, are clearly his mother’s desperate acts to keep him entertained with limited resources. And Jack entertains himself when Ma has one of her “gone” days; days when she suffers such crippling depression she can’t get out of bed.

But Jack is five years old now, and Ma has decided it’s time for escape. She launches an incredibly risky plan, and what follows are some of the most edge-of-your-seat chapters I’ve ever read. Room is one my favorite-ever books; it’s genuinely scary and dark, but it has flashes of hope and beauty as well.

You will like this book if you:

  • Followed the Josef Fritzl case with morbid fascination.
  • Have ever tried to entertain a child during a long car trip or while waiting in the doctor’s office.
  • Love a book that gets your heart pumping.

You will not like this book if you:

  • Are a touch claustrophobic.

One thought on “Recommended Book of the Week

  1. I actually have a sample of this book on my Kindle. It’s on my wish lisst, and I’m saving moneyto buy it. Just the first few chapters got me hooked.

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