What font are you?

30 thoughts on “What font are you?

  1. I got comic sans:) pretty sweet…ps, I love how there are a wide variety of answers for you dependent on how you answer the questions!!!

  2. Technoid

    You’re off-beat and tech savvy. Most people don’t share your interests and you prefer it that way. You like gaming, anime, and your mother’s cooking.

    It’s so accurate! xD

  3. the whole time i was really nervous that i’d get Comic Sans because it’s the worst font and should be banned from the universe.

  4. Haha first i got helvetica cause i’m just way too trendy – hipster, then i do it again and get technoid cause i’m just way too hipster who hides away in a dark room all day.
    I guess both describe me. hmmmm…. lets go with FIST BUMP!!!!!!

  5. Curlz
    You know what you want and you get it with flair. You might rub some people the wrong way, but you can’t make it to the top without stepping on some fingers.

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