Happy Birthday to Books! 8/8 through 8/14

In honor of this week’s book birthdays, I have created a giant pinata and filled it with hardcover books. Who wants to play? #whatcouldgowrong

All You Desire by Kristen Miller (8/9/11)

This sequel to The Eternal Ones continues the story of immortal lovers Haven and Iain, now living happily in Rome. But Haven’s BFF gets kidnapped, breaking up Haven and Iain’s cozy new life and leading Haven on a dangerous quest right into the lair of the dangerous Ouroboros Society. This is the kind of plot I love – secret missions, intrigue, lies, and traps abound!



Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay (8/9/11)

What if Romeo and Juliet isn’t the greatest love story ever told, but in fact the greatest lie? What if Juliet’s death was a set-up – what if she were murdered by her true love, Romeo himself? I’ll happily read this for originality alone.




A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan (8/9/11)

Ever since that Austin Powers movie, I’ve been weirdly interested in cryogenic freezing. I’m just wondering, hypothetically, how far we are from that becoming an actuality? In A Long, Long Sleep, Rose wakes from her cryogenic coma a little early – but she’s woken with a kiss. Awwwww, Sleeping Beauty meets Austin Powers. I love it.



The Cupid War by Timothy Carter (8/8/11)

This is a book about a kid who decides to kill himself because his life is falling apart. But then he thinks better of it and decides to live after all. But THEN he falls off the bridge he just decided not to jump off and dies. How’s that for irony? But don’t worry, he finds his calling.




Now Playing: Stoner & Spaz II by Ron Koertge (8/9/11)

I loved the original Stoner & Spaz, and I’m excited to see the way the story continues. It’s such a cute (albeit kinda messed up) love story between Ben, the kid with cerebral palsy, and Colleen, the girl who can’t stay sober.

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