I Love Retro-Nick

Not everyone appreciates the current Nickelodeon offerings of tweens in bright clothing pulling dramatic faces in asides to the camera and loudly sassing any adult that breaches their twenty-five foot radius. Some of us long for better days. Days of Melt Man and Orange Soda. Do you dig it?

I do, I do, I do-oo.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of classic Nick Toons like Doug and Rugrats, we bring you NICK in CHARTS:


16 thoughts on “I Love Retro-Nick

  1. The last one was amazing.

    The only good show on Nick that lasted is Spongebob. Now it’s stupid sitcoms and some new stupid cartoons.

  2. Hahaha, I miss Kablam! and All That and all the cartoons that didn’t suck. Gotta admit, though, Spongebob’s still pretty chuckle-worthy ten years later.

  3. Legit. Too bad I’ve already done like three of the posts on my own blog so it kinda loses it’s magic whenever people make their own. But it is still nice to see that my followers and I aren’t the only ones to miss the 90’s.

  4. Oh my god, I used to watch “Legends of the Hidden Temple” with my brother. Tommy the baby bottle pickle…you cought me off guard there.

  5. God, I miss Kablam so much! They were the best! Plus Kenan and Kel, totally awesome, Rugrats, which still runs in my country during midnights, so I watch often. =)

  6. Man, I must be old because when you said retro Nick I was thinking shows like “Hey Dude” “Clarissa Explains it all” “All That” and “Doug”. SMH, since when are Rugrats retro! Man I feel old now.

  7. Two words: INVADER ZIM. Change the second-to-last graph to shows with aliens/shows with ADORABLE idiotic robots and there it is.
    *Gir voice* I love this show!….

  8. How shameful is it since You Can’t Do That On Television hasn’t gotten a mention yet? It was the show behind the slime, after all.

    Bonus points for anyone who had the green slime hand soap or shampoo.

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