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You may have noticed that there is a little bit of a gap on the top of Figment between “blog” and “my writing.” A large, expectant space. A space that is calling out to be filled by something wonderful and exciting and top-of-Figment-worthy.

Well, that specialwonderfulexciting thing is coming soon!

Starting in a few weeks, Figment is launching Groups: a place to meet up with other Figs and form smaller communities around the things you love. You can start a group about anything. Want to workshop a piece before sharing it with your adoring public? Want to talk with other Figmenters about how much you love Snape? Want to talk with other science fiction writers and keep all group members’ time travel stories in one collection? You’ll be able to have discussions (like in the forums), share books with one another (even if they’re only saved as drafts – other Figmenters can still read it without an access code), and post news/updates/events.

Right now, you can see what Groups will look like by going here. Groups is in private beta testing, so you’ll be able to browse groupsand see what they’re up to, but you won’t be able to start any groups or participate in any of the groups that exist there currently. The people you see testing out the groups function are mainly teachers. They’ll be getting all the bugs out of the system, so when it comes to you, it’ll be perfect! Please don’t request to join any of the teacher groups right now, because we’re sure you wouldn’t want to get assigned homework. 😉

We hope you’re excited for this new feature – we certainly are.

10 thoughts on “Figment Groups

      • Maria, what I meant to ask is say you wanted to share writing with a critique group that wasn’t yet published or something of that sort, could you have invite only, private groups, or can all figgies see them?

  1. Wow, I was wondering about that. Well, for now I’ll have to just wait… and think of all the random groups I’ll join! XD

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