Romance Cliche Contest Finalists!

I wrote this:

Matilde turns to the door framed by velvet curtains. In the candelight, she sees Armande standing there, looking at her intensely.

“You’ve come back,” she utters in shock.
“I had to. I could never live without you,” he cries.
“But Anita…I thought you loved her!”
“I could never love her. My heart belongs to you and no other! It was a mistake! Please forgive me, Matilde!” he shouts and drops to his knees, head hanging.

She raises the back of her hand to her forehead and turns to face the window. “All this time,” she weeps, “I thought you never cared. That I was just another leaf floating in the wind with all the other leaves.” She covers her face with her hands and begins to sob.

He takes her into his arms, holds her closely, and says, “No, Matilde, I was floating with you. I always will.”

The Romance Cliche Contest finalists wrote these:

“Happily Ever After” by Alexes
“Fools in Love” by Anna G.
“The Man She Couldn’t Love” by Miranda Manier
“You Had Me at Hello” by Steph Annie
“Cheesy: A Wars of Foodora Mini Story” by thefrankie
“She” by Fish Fingers and Custard
“Life Without Anastasia” by Hannah C
“Love to Hate” by Athena Varvarezis
“Zombies. It’s What They Do.” by Lynn Bradford
“Let’s Run Away” by Jessica Crawford
“Romantic Tides” by G. Gómez

Winners will be announced next week! Best of luck, figsters!

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