Peeta Versus Gale

They’ve vied for Katniss’s heart and divided loyal fans into brutal, warring factions. We’re here to settle the score between these two Hunger Games hunks. And our choice is definitive. Noย disagreementย allowed or we will be forced to turn this society into a totalitarian regime based on stratifying the classes and oppressing the masses. And it will be all your fault!

WARNING: Spoilers tread here!

Peeta vs. Gale… BEGIN!

Chemistry: Gale

If we’re stacking “learn to love him” Peeta up against “daily tryst in the woods, but he’s…um… my cousin?” Gale, we’ve got no contest. Sorry, Peeta. That’s the way the fresh-baked cookie crumbles.


Grand Gestures: Peeta

Peeta remembers tiny details from Katniss’s childhood and is so desperate to get noticed by her, he is happy to enter a battlefield in which he will most likely be slaughtered for the entertainment of others. It would be hella creepy if it wasn’t so absofrickinlutely adorable.


Better Meal-Maker: Gale

Peeta’s snack-fest would be carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Gale would be able to mix up a nice meal with some hand-shotย squirrelย and scavenged salad. A fighting girl needs her protein.


Battle Royale: Peeta

This might be a scandalous call, and I’m sure crap will be given, but Peeta lived through all of the challenges that the arena, the Capitol, and Suzanne Collins could throw at him. You live through a battle-to-the-death once? Luck. You live through a battle-to-the-death twice? You’ve got something special, kid.


Better Babysitter: Peeta

When all it takes to win is to not KILL your crush’s sibling, the bar has been set pretty low. Still, point to Peeta.


So with three points, Peeta takes the cake! (See what we did there…?) Who do you want to see duke it out next? Tell us in the comments!

175 thoughts on “Peeta Versus Gale

  1. Lol this contest is funny. Though, I still liked Gale way better.

    How do you come up with these random little contests? I mean, better baby-sitter? It’s clever, but strange. I don’t have any suggestions for the next contest, just wanted to say I love reading these and can’t wait to see more!!

    • I was so upset when Katniss chose peeta over gale in the books. So upset that i rewrote the ending and am making a video of it. watch for it on youtube!
      Go hunter boy!

  2. Hi im Kayla and Im reading this book. The whole series is called The Mortal Instruments. It’s by Cassandra Clare and their’s once again alove triangle between Clary Fray, Simon something, and Jace Wayland. I hope you can do the same thing you did with Peeta and Gale. Please do this because I want to see what you think about it.

  3. Rachael, that freaking made my day!!!!!!!!!

    But on a serious note:



    • AGREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PEETA!!!! All my friends say that Peeta tried to kill Katniss so she should go with Gale but Gale KILLED Prim!!!! And Peeta didn’t know what he was doing! Its not his fault he was drugged and ruined in the brain!!! ๐Ÿ™ Poor Peeta. But this was funny! I like these contests! And I’m glad Peeta won! At least the Figment team agrees with me!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • GALE.DID.NOT.KILL.PRIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I haven’t figured out who I like better, I love (coughyesthatkindproblycough) both of them, but I’m leaning toward Gale even if he is overly violent.

          • What book were you reading. It was never determined if it was his plan that was used and he certainly didn’t set it up. All we know is he had a similar idea.

  4. This is awesome! At first, I was totally Team Gale, but later in the series I fell for Peeta. Plus, Gale got REALLY annoying. It would be awesome if you would do a three way battle royal between Margo vs. Lindsey vs. Alaska. It would also be great if you would do Tamaki vs. Kyoya (Ouran High School Host Club). Thank you.

  5. YAY! Team Peeta all the way! No offense, but I think Gale can be really mean sometimes. ): Peeta is always really sweet, and even though he may not be as hunter-ish and cool as Gale, he eventually learns some fighting skills during the Games.

    • True dat!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Haha!!! That made me cry!!! Poor Prim!!! And Katniss. She lost her father and technically lost her mother and now shes lost Prim! How much more can she lose!!! If any guy ever killed one of my siblings it be a TOTAL deal breaker!!!! ๐Ÿ™

  6. Peeta was a nice guy, but Katniss never loved him. I think she did love Gale, or as much as a girl that age can process and understand “love.” So the fact that she spends the rest of her life with Peeta, as the mother of his children, no less, is keeps the series utterly dystopic in the most depressing sense.

  7. I like Gale best for two reasons.
    1. Gale’s the only one who doesn’t go nuts. Everyone exept him either dies or goes crazy at the end. I like a guy who’s head is screwed on right.
    2. I prefer meat to pastry. I’m a carnivore, and Gale is a way better hunter.

    • Suzie-

      You will notice, we gave Gale the point for making dinner. If we had weighted the categories, dinner would probably have been worth a gabajillion times more than any of the other characters. Cause dinner? It’s where it’s at.


      Best, Emily

    • My top 3 reasons for chosing gale over peeta would be. . .
      1. he is always there for katniss and he is who she goes to to escape district twelve for a while.
      2. Gale loves her so much and would fight for her with all of his strength, he knows where he stands.
      3. When it came to peeta katniss’s choices were slim, you have to admit it was pretty much, love peeta or die in the games. I wouldnt take to being forced to love someone so much.

  8. I will always love Gale more. And this is not Twilight with the team stuff.
    Although I can’t stand anyone who thinks Gale killed Prim.

  9. Team Gale! Though I can understand not loving someone who was implicated in the death of my sister. Then again it wasn’t like Prim died at the hands of Gale. It was an accident.
    But still a great versus!

    • How would he not? He would bring home the food and it would be cooked – tossed in a stew or possibly over a fire like Katniss in the games. Without cause for all the sanitation and stuff like these days it would be pretty easy to cook some meat. Also he would have been the one making or watching all the meals prepared.
      And the bloody rabbit scares me too. Its worse that every sketch ive done of hunger games fan art and yet it not even an arena centered picture.

  10. hmmmm… oh! i got it! snow vs voldy moldy! i mean, voldy is hard to beat, but snow is not exactly the kindergarten teacher handing out lollipops with the whole kids fighting to the death for entertainment thing…. and another possibility maybe wood b a gone tournament? like, brackets and whatever? that would be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. This was hysterical! Like Molly said earlier, I think those John Green girls should face off next. Margo vs. Lindsey!

    Other ideas: Percy Jackson vs. Harry
    Jane Eyre vs. Juliet
    Rochester vs. Romeo
    Matt Smith (10th Doctor) vs. David Tennant (11th Doctor)

  12. This was clever. (Pst, I saw what you did there. ;D ) Very funny.

    I think that you amazing mods should do another one of these, but do a crossover (and maybe not just a romantic theme). So, my suggestion would be something like…

    -Percy Jackson vs. Edward Cullen (obviously Percy would win. PSH.)
    -Peeta vs. Harry Potter
    -Fang (Maximum Ride) vs. Luke Castellan (this would be awesome. (: Jus’ sayin’.)
    -Remus Lupin vs. Jacob Black (even though there’s NO contest with this one…)
    (lemme know if you use one! Great job mods *glomps* )

    • r u serious? fang would win over ANYONE! except maybe not dimitri from Vampire academy. I wanna see that, dimitri vs fang, that would be cool.

      • No, Fang would most certainly NOT beat Luke Castellan. Fang was really cool at first, but then he got moody and annoying. Luke was a hero. Even though he went evil at first, it was mostly Kronos’s influence that corrupted him, and soon he wanted to go back, plus in the end, it was LUKE who saved the day. What did Fang do? He made a blog. Plus he abandoned his family. Luke wins, hands down.

  13. I’m an in-betweener on this one. At first, I liked Gale better, but as time went on, I started to like Peeta as well. Also, I kinda think Gale went to the dark side when he started wanting to kill all f the bad guys. I mean, seriously. It’s not a blood fest! Continuing on…..I have said it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many times before, but here I am. Again. Katsa from Graceling and Katniss from the Hunger Games! Itโ€™ll be an epic battle.

  14. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I love the comparisons and illustrations. I was totally for Gale until Mockingjay, and then I just couldn’t stand either of them. Gale got too bloodthirsty, but I just CAN’T like Peeta. I don’t blame Katniss for choosing him, though.

  15. Hooray! I love Peeta. Gale was a great character and one of my favorites. But then he ditched Katniss when she was injured and went to another district with another flipping girl! Kind of screams *jerk!*

  16. i think gale should of won. he is the trustworthy friend that everybody needs. while peta is a stalker and wouldn’t have survived the battles without the girl.

    • Not true. He left her and went to a different district. If he loved her, he would have been by her side. And even if he didn’t love her like that, he should’ve still been there. He was her bestfriend!

  17. Whoawhoawhoa! hold it right there. Peeta is NOT the better babysitter. I mean, yes, he survived all of the things in the arena, but if it weren’t for Gale, Katniss would have still been scrounging only just enough for her family. When she met Gale they began to work together and got enough food for both their families AND some extra money. And, he gave her a second reason to live, so she didn’t just kill herself when her dad died. (granted, she had her sister, but she was pretty close to giving up… then she met Gale!) (okay, not exactly how that went, but you know what I mean)

  18. I love Gale so much! And that babysitting one was HARSH. Gale’s better because he’s her best friend, the one that’s been there from the beginning. OK, Peeta may be romantic and all that, but it’s kinda sappy.

    • COULDN’T AGREE MORE! Gale definitely should have won, here and in the books. Peeta can be charming I guess, but Gale’s been her best friend for a lifetime, they’ve saved each other countless times, they hunt together, depend on each other for survival, and know they can always count on each other. Gale is the obvious choice here. Peeta only won because as Katniss was pretending to love him, she dellusionally thought her feelings might be real, and started this whole love triangle.

  19. gawd! Gale all the way. i mean seriously? no way. gale is just so much better. also, contest idea: voldemort versus titan lord kronus. now that would be funny

  20. Now here’s what you have to do. Find the book Stray by Rachel Vincent. Read it. And preferably the whole series. And have JACE and MARC go at it! I think that would be HILARIOUS!! It kinda happens through half the series but I’d LOVE to see what you guys do with it! XD

  21. Every time that I heard Peeta’s name… I think of pita bread. And then I laugh.

    The books went downhill after the first one, in my opinion, but I’m a firm Peeta fan. Gale just struck me as irritating (like a female version of Katniss or something).

    Can we please NOT do another Hunger Games one? Can we do… Sherlock Holmes vs Roger Chillingsworth or something? Come on, that’d be REALLY interesting. Both are self-proclaimed detectives, both observe human emotions, yet remain separate from them, and both are constantly teetering on the edge of sympathy-vs-apathy in our minds.

  22. gale has a right to be furious with peeta and katniss, so i think that because of that, he seems really mean, but when you think about it, he’s actually a better person who just gets the short end of the stick and who everyone blames for prim’s death just because he invented the double exploding bomb, which was just meant to be used on the capitol people, he never thought it would kill prim in the end. and actually, when Katniss says he’s training peace keepers in 2, any Gale supporter has to think it’s impossible. he would never do that.

  23. I’d love to see Jace Lightwood pitted against someone. =3 Even Simon (from the same series).
    And possible Damon Salvatore, even though he’d have the unfair advantage of beating everyone immediately. xDD Though he and Jace could be a pretty close tie…

    Jace vs Damon? Oh please? O:

  24. GO GALE!!! it was meant to beeee…
    ok, peeta can make cookies…but he kinda went insane, so there’s really no contest!

  25. Not killing your crush’s little sis is important. So is not attempting to kill her. TEAM MADGE FOR THE WIN! I was so sad when she died.

  26. I loved Gale way better. Yes, I see what you did there. No, Peeta is NOT absofrickinloutly adorable. Period. And Alex Dersdner (spelling??) If I were a dude, I would love Katniss. She’s the whole freakin package! ANYWAY… I want to see FANG AND DYLAN FROM MAXIMUM RIDE fight next!!!!! Who gets Max????? (Fang does, obviously. Dylan was legit (i hate that word.) made for her… CREEPY! Fang was with her ever since her literal dog-crate days and told her stupid fart jokes when the whitecoats jabbed her with needles AND Dylan trys too hard and is too hunky-gorgeous-clean freak-non dog crater for Max. Fang wins, DUH) GO FANG!

    – Cyra (yes its mah real name.)

  27. Awesome! They’re both nice, but I guess Peeta has the edge with the whole love since little kid thing.

    You should do Harry vs. Ron! (Please make Ron win, though, because he’s seriously Hermione’s match!) =)

  28. In response to Sammy, I say that Umbridge vs. Snow would be hilarious! Wouldn’t they be just an ADORABLE couple? =D
    Oh, and have Voldemort and Snow compete for Umbridge! Another hilariuos idea……….=D

  29. Honestly I see that a lot of people pick Gale over Peeta, and for the first two books I probably would have been part of that group, but with the last book? Like the HOW IT ENDS and what Gale did when he was all done? Nu-uh, Peeta all the way!

    Oh, and could you do a battle between two characters from DIFFERENT books? If so it must include Puck and Ash from Iron Fey, Jace Wayland/Morningstern/Herondale, Simon Lewis, Patch from Hush, Hush….I could go on, but I think you get the point. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. angel vs spike (buffy the vampire slayer)
    rose vs buffy (vampire academy and buffy the vampire slayer)
    cordelia vs mimi (buffy thevampire slayer and blue bloods)
    some match up out of these guys: jace wayland(TMI) fang (MR) dimitri belikov (VA) and jack Force(BB)

  31. Lol epic ๐Ÿ˜€ Love the hunger games Peeta is a blue eyed guy with blonde hair…he’s a softy..and Gale he’s a real male..Gale should have won.

  32. I thought this was hilarious. But, contrary to what everyone else has said with taking sides, I am a Cinna kind of girl. Cinna was smart, rebellious and talented. All of that is sexy.

    I agree with some of the ones above like Remus Lupin vs. Jacob Black. I also would like to see Eilonwy from The Prydain Chronicles take on Hermione Granger. I would also LOVE to see Jean Vealjean from Les Mis, battle Sirius Black. Two great prison escapees and great at causing havoc with police. please do that one, that would be EPIC!!!

  33. Peeta and Fang <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Gale's cool, but….PEETA. And not just 'cause i'm a stupid Fan girl or anything. but 'cause he's AWESOME. And Fang, well….HE'S FANG.

  34. Hermione Granger vs. Katniss.
    Or Hermione Granger vs. Kate Beckett from Castle (the TV show). I’d love to see who’d win THAT…..Although, I love Hermione better ’cause I’m exactly like her….

  35. ….. I totally agree with the Disney princess one! Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Tiana, Snow White, Pocahontas, Belle, Rapunzel, Mulan… Honestly, my pick for first would be a tie between Rapunzel and Mulan (Probably Mulan…)

  36. Peeta ๐Ÿ™‚
    Do something with magnus bane!! And anyone from vampire academy, blue bloods, the mortal instruments, the wolves of mercy falls, hush, hush,thirst, Percy Jackson, house of night and specifically Lucas vs. Derek from born at midnight (I read a lot (: )

  37. Gale didn’t kill Prim. He may have designed the bomb, but he didn’t know that it would be used in that manner. If he knew that it would have killed Prim he probably wouldn’t have agreed to make it.

  38. I think gale should get the girl cuz hes way hotter and petta lied to her a made her fall in love with her on accident she thought it was a game not real besides she loved gale she just didnt know it

  39. Peeta Peeta Peeta!!!!! omg totally him. he is nice to Katniss when she isn’t. He would risk him life for her. Plus his HOT! (the actor)

  40. Ehhhh Gale MAY have had a hand in Prim’s death but I honestly think that one is a tie. I mean Gale would have never purposefully hurt Prim but Peeta was brainwashed and purposefully tried to choke Katniss to death. Just saying. ๐Ÿ˜›

  41. I just need to put in that Gale is best because he is the only important person who didn’t die or go insane by the end of the book. You really need to put that in there.

  42. Katniss from the Hunger Games vs. Katsa from Graceling. If you haven’t read Graceling, read Graceling. If you have, you just rose ten inches on my good list. KATSA VS. KATNISS!!!

  43. ‘Scuse me, but, while I love both Gale and Peeta (one more than the other *coughpeetacough*), I just have to say that Finnick is helluva lot better than the both of them.
    Just sayin’. :3

  44. You must have heard of Warriors. you know? EPICALLY AWESOME WILDCATS FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL? By Erin Hunter? Yes? No? Well, anyways, I was just hoping that you could have a showdown/challenge/contest/awesome thing between Firestar and Brambleclaw! Oh, Mark and Courtney from Pendragon would be my second choice. Thanks! ;-D

  45. @molly YESSS THEY SHOULD DO OURAN ๐Ÿ™‚ sry this is a long time after you said that but urs is near the top so I saw it.

    anyway, peeta is just beautiful. amazing. at first I did like gale, but then peeta is just so sweet.. so yeah. plus im a vegetarian lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. On a slightly random note, how about Fred and George Weasly (Harry Potter) vs. Thomson and Thompson (the two inept detectives from Tintin)? I know Fred and George would win, but man, would it be funny. Also, I realize Tintin is technically a comic (and now a movie) but it’s just too perfect. ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. Because I cannot decide between Gale or Peeta, cause they are both awesome, my friend and I have gone Team Katniss, and I wear the shirt with pride.

  48. I’m reading breaking fire right now. I’m still a team Peeta, but why the fuck would he say that she’s pregnant. Soooo confused and kinda pissed.

  49. Know what im goin’ crazy with this debate. But i like Peeta than Gale. In the 1st book, There’s no romance between Gale and Katniss. Wait until I read the Last 2 books. But seriously, I am Hoping that I will like Peeta more in the last 2 books. because I really like him ๐Ÿ˜€

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