Goliath by Scott Westerfeld

To my steampunkin’ Figs, we have another recommended book of the week for you! Gents, throw on your dusters! Ladies, squeeze into your corsets! With your timepiece in one hand and your ray gun in the other, rush out now to the shop, my intrepid Figs, and purchase the last of the Leviathan trilogy: GOLIATH! (And the first two books, Leviathan and Behemoth, if you haven’t already, so Goliath makes sense.)

Let’s see where Goliath falls on Figment’s Steampunkin’ Scale of Awesome:

+100 for Deryn Sharp successfully pulling a Mulan as she disguises herself as a boy to be an airman in the British Air Service. Keeping that secret for two books already? You go, girl!

-87 for being fiction. Seriously, there would’ve been a lot less yawning and napping during history class if we got to read about flying animals used as weapons of war. Why couldn’t you be real, book?!

+60 for character growth! Alek, a 15-year-old prince, is a little sheltered and spoiled at the start of Leviathan, but he not only adapts to the commoner lifestyle, his voice of reason is one you would expect from an adult.

+250 for detailed illustrations by Keith Thompson! Don’t you just miss the simpler times when there were pictures in your book? I know I do. The inventive gray, black, and white illustrations are awesome for helping steampunk newbies better envision the leviathan itself (an airship made up of umpteen different beasts) or the steam-driven machines known as Clankers.

-10 points for dead parents. If you keep taking away the parents, YA, we’re gonna keep deducting the points. Pick your poison: remove the parents so your teenager protagonists can justifiably move freely without adult supervision OR lose points on our super fantastic Scale of Awesome.

That brings Goliath to a total of 313 points! Go check out this completed steampunk trilogy and move on to other greats such as Clockwork Angel, The Map of Time, and The Girl in the Steel Corset Let us know what you think about this steaming recommendation!

2 thoughts on “Goliath by Scott Westerfeld

  1. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need this book!!!! When did it come out!?!?!?!? You can tell I really love this series because normally I never do the obnoxious punctuation. But that’s honestly what my brain said.

  2. Sixth paragraph down (the “+250 Points” one), Leviathan needs to be capitalized. In this context, the author was reffering to “leviathan” as the name of airship, thus it is a proper noun and should begin with a capital letter. So it should be: “…helping steampunk newbies better envision the Leviathan itself …” Sorry, I had to point that out…

    But this series is amazing!!!!!!! It is to blame for my steampunk obsession, too. 🙂

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