Back to School with Adrienne Maria Vrettos!

Adrienne Maria Vrettos is the author of Burnout, a new novel about a teenage girl who wakes up in a subway on November 1 with no idea of how she got there, why she’s all bruised, or where she got the Halloween costume she’s wearing. Adrienne is also familiar with the infuriating condescension of being referred to as a “late bloomer,” and she’s here to set the record straight.





For Those of You Whose Bloom has Gone Unnoticed

The term “late bloomer” can go fudge itself. (Please excuse the neutered obscenity. My grandma knows how to work the Internet, and I don’t want her to read this and call me to say, “Oh My Land!”)

When I was a teenager, I told myself I was a late bloomer because it was something that explained away a really very distressing lack of kissing and an even more distressing feeling that my life had yet to start. But now that I’ve become an extremely wise adult lady, I have had time to reflect on the whole late bloomer thing.

As it turned out, I had bloomed just fine, thank you very much. And no, I’m not just talking about getting boobs. Although I was SO happy when that finally happened. What I’m taking about is that the fact that I was so damn bloomed, I could have dropped from the vine under the weight of my own awakening. I was going to leave this place. I was going to write. I was growing wings.

But these are the blooms that go unnoticed. I think maybe because they don’t get you asked to prom.

What they will do, though, is help you fly.

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