Food Contest Finalists!!

Darling culinary Figs. Here are the top 10 finalists for the Food Contest, all chosen at random. The Figmods will be reading these entries over the next couple of days, and will announce a winner by the end of the week!

“Death By…” by Indigo Skye
“Childhood Memory” by Ambyr Coleman
“Simple Nights” by ST
“Melt in Your Mouth” by Angelina N.
“Sizzle, Crack, Pop” by Zina ♥
“The Artificial Flavoring of Juvenescence” by B.R. Storm
“What is it?” by Abigail Rizzo
“Mathew’s Favorite” by Ruby Wong
“Dream” by Jex Sanders
“What’s This Called” by Kiki Rose

Best of luck!

9 thoughts on “Food Contest Finalists!!

  1. Wow, I feel so honored to be a finalist, even if it was at random! Good luck to the other fellow finalists, I read all of yours too and they were certainly amazing. Those Chopsticks are awesome. 😮

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