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Season 3, Episode 3: “Asian F”

If you are a little confused, maybe you should check out last week’s Gleecap.

So, Brittany S. Pears decides her campaign for senior class president will be built on a platform of grrrl pwrrrr, which she immediately demonstrates by stomping around in a cropped football jersey, bike shorts, and thigh-highs held up with a garter belt? Girl . . . uh . . . girl power?

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We get introduced to Mercedes’ new boyfriend as he gives her a pep talk about her upcoming West Side Story audition. He does it not by telling her that she is amazing and beautiful and unique as a snowflake in summer, but by telling her she is better than Rachel Berry. Girl . . . uh . . . girl power? The end result is that Mercedes has convinced herself (as Rachel has) that anything less than the LEAD in the musical is unacceptable, which results in Artie, Coach Beiste, and Emma improbably double-casting both of them as Maria. Mercedes refuses that offer and, after being kicked out of glee club (amid a Dreamgirls dream sequence where Mercedes plays the deposed diva Effie White), joins the new rival glee club. Schu: 0. Shelb: 1.

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In a move called “quickly aborted plot lines,” Santana is back in glee club, Kurt is over being Tony, and no mention WHATSOEVER is made of Quinn’s Evil Twin, Fauxbray (although it looks like we can herald her return in the next episode, which you will have to wait until November to see). Rachel and Kurt are no longer biffles, ’cause Rachel (nervous over Mercedes maybe getting Maria) throws her hat into the ring for senior class president. Just a thought—if the members of glee club are so unpopular, why are they the ONLY candidates for class president?

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

The last 10 minutes of Glee were the funniest and the most moving of the episode. Schu, upset that Emma has refused to introduce him to her parents, takes it upon himself to bring them to dinner. There, he finds out that they are ginger supremacists. They don’t believe redheads should co-mingle with . . . lesser beings. They’re also really condescending to Emma, referring to her as “Freaky-deaky.” The father laughs off her OCD as adorable: “We used to tie her thumbs together and she chewed right through the twine.” Crazygingerdaddysayswhat? This leads to one of the show’s most honest looks at Emma’s condition, which is usually presented as little more than a goofy quirk. After dinner, Emma is sitting on the edge of her bed, rubbing her hands together. When Will walks in, she snaps at him. “I’ve lost count.” She starts over. Even though Emma has always been shy, she’s displayed a quiet, self-possessed confidence. In the bedroom, she’s pale, shaky, and hopeless. It’s clear that her OCD is slowly breaking her. This leads to a, frankly, phenomenal cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You.” Although a less condescending song choice would have been “Support You as You Work on Overcoming Your Issues at Your Own Pace,” the chorus just doesn’t have the same pizzazz. 

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

Things are looking up for season three of Glee.

5 thoughts on “What You Missed On Glee

  1. This episode has got to be one of the randomest, especially when Brittany busts out into “Run the World.” (which I’m still trying to wrap my head around)

  2. Whatt?? No mention of Mike Chang at all?? He was the best part of this episode!!! Plus the cute little dance with his mom, and the ASIAN F???

  3. “A less condescending song choice would have been “Support You as You Work on Overcoming Your Issues at Your Own Pace,” the chorus just doesn’t have the same pizzazz.”

    Figment, this is why you guys rock sooooooo hard!

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