Just Your Average Princess by Kristina Springer

Just Your Average Princess is a short and sweet non-fairy-tale kind of story. The plot involves a small town pumpkin farm, two enemies battling for the title of “Pumpkin Princess,” and a cute boy to spice it up.

The local Pumpkin Patch has always been home to Jamie, the daughter of the owner. She has grown up working on the Patch her whole life, dreaming of the day when she would be crowned “Pumpkin Princess” in the Patch’s annual ceremony. Just as that dream is about to come true, Jamie’s cousin, Milan, arrives on the scene in short-shorts and high heels, the polar opposite of Jamie’s overalls and pigtails. Milan is the daughter of two famous movie stars, and she’s never had the chance to get “down and dirty.” Trying to cope with her high-maintenance cousin will take all the willpower that Jamie has; gorgeous Milan is suddenly taking everything that rightfully belongs to Jamie—from the adoration of the younger Patch workers to Danny, the cute boy that Jamie has been in love with forever. It seems as if everyone is under Milan’s spell, but is it possible for her to take the one dream that Jamie has had since as long as she could remember? Is it possible for Milan to be the Pumpkin Princess?

Just Your Average Princess is as lighthearted and charming as it seems from first glance. I like the playfulness of the plot, and how I found myself rooting for Jamie over such a trivial matter. I mean, Pumpkin Princess? The name sounds like a joke in itself, but the way that Kristina Springer describes how important being this princess is to poor Jamie makes everything suddenly feel more dramatic. Being the Pumpkin Princess symbolizes Jamie’s hope for all her hard work and dedication to finally be rewarded; she associates winning the crown with her dream of finally being seen. The whole pumpkin princess drama actually sends a very powerful message wrapped up in frothy charm and cutesy appeal.

Unfortunately, Kristina Springer does not delve very deeply into the emotions of the characters, which keeps Just Your Average Princess blithe and pleasant, but also keeps it from feeling at all profound or deep. There are no “wow” moments, no moments that gave me goose bumps or made me cry. Those intense, emotional instants that make life interesting are definitely a bit lacking here.

Overall, I am glad that I had the chance to read Just Your Average Princess. Despite not being “life-changing,” it is a book that I could read again without tire, and the kind of story that is entertaining no matter your age. If you are in the mood for a quick pick-me-up read, Just Your Average Princess is the book for you.

Morgan Smith is a 13 year old living with her family and cat, Holly, in a small house in Pennsylvania. She loves pretty much every genre of books, from cheesy romance novels to dry nonfiction stories, but her favorite books are historical fiction. She has loved to write and read for as long as she can remember, and she also loves to swim, sew, cook, and so much more.


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