Missed Connections at Comic Con

There’s nothing as adorable as nerd love. But one of these New York Comic Con missed connections is false! Which do you think is untrue? Click the titles to see if they’re real!

Searching for Ms. Harley Quinn
At around 6:45pm on Saturday evening (10/15/11), you were sitting on the floor near the exit escalators with your boots off. I approached you and asked you for a photograph. You asked if you should get up. I said yes and asked you to be mischievous behind me as I took a self-portrait.
You were perfect!

Just wondering…would you like to be my muse?

Since there are many Harleys out there, please ID yourself by answering as many of the following questions as possible.
1) What did I look like?
2) Who was I with?
3) What color were your socks?
4) How did I thank you?


Looking for Edward Scissorhands

We met at NYCC (comic con) last week. I ADORED your costume as Edward Scissorhands….it was sooo awesome! You came to con with your friend who was dressed as Thor. Our exchange on Friday was short, you only had time to look at me and say…”I really dig your costume” as I took your picture. Not sure if you remember me…I was the (ahem) “blonde” comic book character. Finally I got to take a picture WITH you on Saturday. (and yet again your costume looked perfect) I should have asked your name. I think I heard someone call you Matthew. Remember me yet?


Future Companion

There were a lot of Dr. Whos at Comic Con, but you were definitely the cutest one. Your fez (fezzes are cool) fell off and I handed it back to you. You said you liked  my costume. I was dressed as Amy Pond.

I wanted to talk longer, but I didn’t get a chance to say anything. I did get a picture of us together. If you remember me, how did we pose in the picture?

We should meet up and, I dunno, save the universe some time?


You were the cute girl with glasses, a tattoo on your right arm and an adorable smile.

We exchanged a few glances and smiles while waiting in line for the Halo Anniversary panel.

I really wish I would have talked to you more. I apologize for being so shy. Hopefully this finds you and we can hang out. :3


Danielle at Comic Con
Saturday. You stopped by our table at artist’s alley and bought a book from the group next to us. You weren’t wearing a costume, but it didn’t matter, you were the most beautiful girl I saw there.




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