Chat with the author of PRINCESS ACADEMY

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6 thoughts on “Chat with the author of PRINCESS ACADEMY

  1. Princess Acadamy was one of my favourite books! It was just so inspiring and compeling. I thought the characters were well built and truly believable. Overall a well written novel.

  2. That was one of my favorite books, I’m a writer to but just a begginer, and I’m still in highschool. Can’t wait for you to write a new book

  3. Princess Academy is what I was reading while my grandpa was in the hospital. So it was my distraction from what was happening. I would just pick it up and get lost in the world of with Miri. So it really is a book that is very close to my heart and I love how you write about girls that are so relatable and strong. I love your books and I hope to be an amazing writer like you someday. 🙂

  4. This is the book that inspired me to write my fifth novel! I was ready to give up brainstorming and quit for a while until I read this book. Truly amazing!

  5. I love all of the Books fo Bayern, as well as the Princess Academy and Book of a Thousand Days. I have read them all at least ten times!! You are my inspiration all the time when I write stories, and your writing style is so incredible. Your books are so realistic, even though they are fantasy, and as a person and a writer I absolutely look up to you!

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