Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck

I’ll cut to the chase: I’m a HUGE fan of this series. I have been counting down the days until this release, and I was freaked I had to wait till November. Waiting for this felt like a punishment because I love the series so much. But I was so scared to start reading.

There is a reason for my anxiety: the ending of the previous book in the series, Tiger’s Quest, left most readers with a weird feeling at the pit of their stomach, me included. Why? Because those last ten pages are written so soulfully that every reader is transported back to the moment of her own first heartbreak.

There is nothing harder than trying to move past one’s first real heartache. For me, well—it was bad. I was 17, and I really thought he was IT, but I got it all wrong. When things ended, it was hard to think, to breathe, to eat—nothing could make that sick feeling go away. So for me, Kelsey’s heartache hit home. And I was so nervous to start Tiger’s Voyage because I wondered how Kelsey would cope with the fact that the person she loves doesn’t remember her at all. For Kelsey in the opening of Tiger’s Voyage, it’s like nothing ever happened between her and Ren; like she never existed. Nothing registers: no pet names, no memories, nada.

So Ren moves on.

It always sucks when you’re not the one boarding the moving on train. Kelsey is such a human character that I ached for her as I was reading; I felt sick for Kels and for me.

Kelsey can’t move on yet, because the quest requires her attention. So she does her best to deal with the Rajaram brothers: her ex, Ren, whose polite, uninterested conversation is heart wrenching, and her wannabe beau, Kishan, who pushes Kelsey’s walls down every chance he gets.

But there is a secret behind Ren’s amnesia—it’s the secret behind his locked memories and knee-jerk reactions, the way Kelsey’s touch pains him, the way her heart beats faster every time she’s near him. There is a secret reason for their connection that feeds Kelsey’s power. Shouldn’t that connection be the guide for every decision? After so many mistakes? So much heartache? Shouldn’t they trust it? But instead, the love triangle tightens from every angle, securing itself, and the plot thickens. Such a strong development makes my heart twist for all three of them.

But it’s not all heartache—it’s a voyage. In this adventure, the crew is hunting for the next piece of the puzzle: Durga’s pearl necklace. But to do it, they need the help of five mystical Chinese dragons. To seek these creatures, they’ll travel under water and through the sky, facing mermaids, hunters, dragons, ice kingdoms, jungles, goddesses, sharks, whales—you name it. Kelsey and the boys are forced to overcome deadly wounds, jealousy, awakenings, declarations, fights, arguments, and undying passion.

And if you are wondering how the book left me … well, Colleen did her job. I’m officially counting down to the next release: Tiger’s Destiny, coming in July 2012. I strongly suggest you read these books if you love fantasy and have an eager imagination. Tiger’s Voyage is available in stores today. You don’t want to miss out

This is a book for serious dreamers who want to discover new heights. Are you that reader? I would love to hear your thoughts!


Kay Fraser is a book designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, residing in Minneapolis. Her dark secret? She is bilingual. When she’s not designing, reading, writing, over-drinking coffee, or chasing around her two little monsters, she’s on Twitter at @kaymfraser or blogging at designcomma.com.

12 thoughts on “Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck

  1. Please tell me that someone else has noticed the AWFUL grammar, embarrassingly cheesy dialogues, and the sixth-grade level writing?

    I hate Twilight, and I hate to bring it into the conversation, but I’d rather read Twilight a thousand times over than sit through this book!

    Kelsey is so STUPID. Flat-cardboard-flimsy-spineless-whiny-brat. I tried so hard to like the books, but they were unbearable! My dog could write a better book than this woman… it’s an embarrassment to the entire literary field that she was even able to get a book deal.

    And people who hail from India… I’m sorry, but they really do not talk like that. 😐 It’s rather offensive…

    • It was a good plot line, it really, truly was. The story would have been SO amazing if the author hadn’t butchered it with and the awkward, cringe-worthy, dialogues and scenes…

      Such a waste of a good story.

  2. Love the review here and this is a GREAT series!! The writing gets better with each book and Tiger’s Voyage is no exception. I love the characters and the Indian backdrop with exceptionally attractive tiger-princes! Fresh, original, creative, and very emotional. Not even the Twilight series made me feel the way this series does. I have a serious tiger obsession now! And that’s a good thing. : )

  3. JULY!!!! I have to wait til July! AGAIN!!!! Sad. :,( I really need to get this book! I’ve been waiting since July. Can u imagine how terrible that was! It was sooooo long! Thank god its out now at least… I’ll just read suuuuupppper slowly! 😛

  4. I love this series like everthing and evarything!!! I can’t wait for the final two installments…..this story is delightful….a definite page tuener!!!

  5. One thing that really got to me was the writing/dialouge. Honestly, I’m about Kelsey’s age, and I can promise you that neither I nor my mates talk like forty-year olds. I’ve read fraggin fanfics better than these books, for heaven’s sake.

  6. I have fallen in love with this series..I can’t wait to see what book is after the Tiger’s Voyage..I have found a new resolve in myself since reading the books. I am so greatful for the love and life shown through these books.

  7. I LOVE these books!!!! Every time I read them I have to have my mother pry the book from by hands!! (And that’s a good thing:D)

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