Greek Myth Contest Winner!

Zeus had lightning bolts. Eros had a bow and arrow. But you Figs have the power of the pen (quill? pencil? keyboard?), and your submissions swept the website with a force that even Ares would admire.

Congratulations to this powerful story, chosen as a Grand Prize winner by Elizabeth Miles (author of Fury) herself!

Labyrinth” by B.D. Legan

Of the winner, Elizabeth Miles said:

I chose “Labyrinth” because I was drawn in by the very first sentence, impressed by the unique details and sense of place (however mysterious) and struck by B. D. Legan’s magical narrative. The cliffhanger ending had me wondering what came next – and what had come before.”

B.D. Legan will be receiving a myth-themed prize pack that includes Fury by Elizabeth Miles, Abandon by Meg Cabot, and Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini. These four other finalists will also be receiving copies of Fury and Figment totes. Congrats to them as well!

“Everything’s Fair in Love and War” by Brittany J.
“Ava’s Song” by Jack Fossett
“Persephone’s Dress” by Jenniene Robinson
“My Greek Story” by Annabel G.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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