Happy Birthday to Books 10/30 to 11/5

Hey shawty, it’s ya birthday! We gon’ party like it’s ya birthday . . . (This is probably the only chance we’ll ever have to use 50 Cent lyrics to open up a blog post. And we took it, Fig Hoppers. We took it.)

Crossed by Ally Condie (11/1/11)

If you loved Matched you’ll be happy to know that Crossed is just as lyrical. Seriously, I think Ally Condie eats bowls of Dylan Thomas books for breakfast. One of the greatest additions to Crossed is that, this time around, the story is alternately told from Ky’s perspective–and what a story he tells! Spoiler: Growing up as an Aberration in this tight Society is rough.

Dark EdenĀ  by Patrick Carman (11/1/11)

Got any crazy phobias, Figs? Do you surf Figment exclusively on your phone because of logizomechanophobia (fear of computers)? When your teacher asks why it’s taking you so long to solve an equation, do you tell them it’s because you have tachophobia (fear of speed)? Or maybe you’re like me and suffer from a fear of numbers (numerophobia)? I think we all need to take a trip to Fort Eden, an institution that’ll cure us from our crippling phobias. Hopefully that evil madman lets us leave after we’re cured…

Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck (11/1/11)

The Tiger Saga offers paranormal readers something that isn’t typically found in other novels in the genre: an opportunity for the beasty boyfriend to become human again for good. Maybe readers love Twilight because Edward is eternally bloodsucking and Jacob can’t stop howling at the moon, but Kelsey likes her dudes firmly homo sapien. That’s why she’s helping her ex-boyfriend Ren and his brother Kishan (who loves her too–AWKWARD) on this voyage to break the tiger’s curse.

iBoy by Kevin Brooks (11/1/11)

As someone who lives, showers, dances, sleeps, and–oh yeah–makes calls with his iPhone, I’ve found a new hero in iBoy. Come on, how many of us have dropped our phones and only ended up with a ridiculous bill to fix it? *counts many, many hands* Good to know! Well, how awesome would it be if the phone fell on your head (LET ME FINISH!) and you not only pretty much became a walking phone, but you also gained “iPowers” such as electric forcefields and the ability to paralyze your opponents with electric shocks? With all that extra money you’ll save on a new phone, you can now go buy iBoy!

You can start reading the first two chaptersĀ of iBoy here at Figment for a limited time!

Playground by 50 Cent (11/1/11)

Yup, this happened. We’re not going to explore whether or not 50 Cent actually put down his mic to sit at his Mac and write a book, but instead we’ll discuss the concept itself. Playground isn’t your average bully story. Instead of describing on the wrecked emotions of the victim, this book zeros in on 13-year-old Butterball, the playground bully. As Butterball sits through session after session with his therapist, the reader slowly learns the why’s and how’s of his journey from innocent kid to playground terrorist.

The Hunger Games – Collector’s Edition by Suzanne Collins (11/1/11)

If you haven’t read The Hunger Games yet (do these people exist?), you can now do it in style! This collector’s edition comes with new Mockingjay artwork and cut pages! If you were wondering what to get the Mods for Figmas, well . . . it’s a start.

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