Liar’s Moon by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Liar’s Moon, the sequel to Starcrossed, by Elizabeth C. Bunce is a genre I haven’t read in quite a while: fantasy. For the past few years, all I’ve been reading is realistic fiction and paranormal romance— mostly because that’s all there is in the Young Adult section of our library. So when I found that Liar’s Moon is both a Young Adult and a fantasy book, I had to read it.

Celyn Contrare (a.k.a Digger) is not the normal, skittish, law-abiding citizen of Gerse that she pretends to be. She’s a thief for hire, back in the city after a long stay with the royal Nemair family. When she returns home, she thinks she’s done with royals—or nobs as she calls them. But then a small slip-up on Digger’s part lands her in a prison cell with Lord Durrel Decath. He’s been accused of murdering his wife, Talth Ceid, and it’s up to Digger to prove him innocent, seeing as even his own father thinks he’s guilty. But sometimes when you pull on one string, the whole tapestry can fall apart—soon Celyn is in way deeper than she ever wanted to be, and the war between the king and the Sarists (people who worship Sar, the goddess of magic) is closer than ever.

The cool thing about Liar’s Moon is that it’s more than just a fantasy novel. It’s a mystery. There are dark alleys, poison, and deceit laced on every word. I lapped it up. There’s nothing like that satisfying feeling you get when all of the seemingly random puzzle pieces line up perfectly.

But then there’s a twist. Let me tell you—it’s big. Like, BIG big. But you’ll just have to go read Liar’s Moon if you want to know what it is. I highly recommend doing so.


Mattie is an aspiring novelist who lives in small-town Colorado. She can often be found reading YA fiction when she probably shouldn’t be, resulting in the common phrase of, “Put the book down!” (Unfortunately for whoever says that, it rarely happens.)

2 thoughts on “Liar’s Moon by Elizabeth C. Bunce

  1. AHH! Is “Elizabeth C. Bunce” a penname? Because if it isn’t, it’s a freaking awesome coincidence.
    (In “Drop Dead Fred,” the main character is named Elizabeth Cronin, and she runs into her best friend Mickey Bunce in the middle of the movie. It doesn’t say what happens at the end, but I swear they get married. Hence “Elizabeth C. Bunce.” Freaking. Awesome.)

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