If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Can’t move, Figaronis? I know, I know–Thanksgiving turkey is weighing you down. I hope you had fun with your families yesterday, because Mia from If I Stay lost hers. (Grim start, huh? Happy Thanksgiving.)

After a car accident, Mia is left in a coma trying to decide whether she should go with her family into the afterlife or wake up to a world without them. If she goes, she’ll have her family. But if she stays, she’ll have her life–and hot rocker boyfriend Adam to have and to hold.

Let’s see where If I Stay falls on the Figment Scale of Awesome:

+350 for a nice and strong Biblical name. I don’t know what it is, but I just love the name Adam. I mean, the first man EVER was named Adam. And then we had a couple of presidents named Adam. Mia is just so lucky to have an Adam in her life (should she decide to wake up to him). I don’t know, Figs–anyone with that name is just bound for greatness.

-212 for parents cause of death. It’s one thing to be an orphan–that’s always gonna cost you points–but when you lose your parents in a car crash, you lose more points. Parents are always dying in car crashes! Let’s get creative, people! How about a decapitation every now and again?

+635 for excellent taste in nighty night novels. Mia’s lil bro Teddy had the best bedtime stories ever before the crash–all the Harry Potter books, of course. Nice choice, muggle.

-60 for questionable parenting. Mia’s father is a rockstar, I get that. He’s a cool dad who knows cool music and lets Mia stay up a little late–fine. But ten-year-old Mia shouldn’t be familiar with the terminology “got wasted.” And telling your small daughter stories about how you downed forties before your first show is also probably going a little too far.

+216 for not calling your girlfriend fat. Guys, you know the deadliest question out there, don’t you? No, no. It’s not that question that ladies usually expect you to pop (that’s a whole different terror). I’m talking about that question they ask you: “Do I look fat?” If you’ve ever given the wrong answer, you need to take a page out of Adam’s book; he smoothly tells Mia that he loves the real her after she gets extra sexy and extra out-of-character one night and hits him with the question.

That brings If I Stay to a total of 929 points! Since you yourself can’t move, feel free to express order If I Stay and the sequel Where She Went to learn the consequences of Mia’s cliffhanging choice. This is a duet that’s worthy of your shelf space!

5 thoughts on “If I Stay by Gayle Forman

  1. I read this book myself, and I’ve got to say: It’s utterly heartwrenching. I cried my eyes out for an entire week after reading this. It’s a beautiful piece.

  2. This is my all time favorite book ever and the sequel was even better. It’s going to be made into a movie (Beware!) I recommend it to everyone.
    (My favorite series however is Vampire Academy which I also recommend to everyone, but very few will read because Twilight ruined vampires. Anyway Vampire Academy kicks ass.)

  3. This book (and its sequel!) is just absolutely stunning. It has everything. Be prepared to experience a roller coaster of emotion when you read these.

  4. IF I STAY is a masterfully written novel and yes, the sequel, WHERE SHE WENT is even better. Adam’s voice is powerful as he explains the consequences of Mia’s choices in the first book. Everyone needs to read this mini-series!

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