Blood Red Road by Moira Young

In Blood Red Road, eighteen-year old, snarky Saba goes off into the Badlands (think Waterworld without the water) in search of her beloved twin brother, all bad-ass-like, after he is kidnapped by a bunch of dusty horsemen. Oh, she also brings her little sister Emmi along (Does it seem like I’m neglecting Emmi? It’s because Saba does too for most of the book). There’s cage-fighting, a group of all-female revolutionaries, a disgusting, portly king, a mysterious soldier, hellwurms (you don’t want to know), and a very dashing boy named Jack. It’s a mature, exciting, coming-of-age novel set in a dystopian non-society that has regressed into hostile deserts and corrupted monarchial rule. I loved every bit of it.

Saba is one fierce lady. She loves her brother because he’s like shade from the sun, and by the end of the book Saba is a heroine who is truly heroic. Young’s writing is quick and smart. There are moments in the book that are more than quotable; they’re hug-able. “If you save somebody’s life three times, their life belongs to you. You saved my life today, that makes once. Save it twice more an I’m all yers.” Oh, Jack. You’re a keeper!

I actually met Moira Young at a book signing in San Diego, and she’s very cool and British. She also used to be an actress, which probably helped her excellent use of dialect in Blood Red Road. She signed my book: “To Axie, With every good Wish.” And when I told her that I think her character DeMalo (previously mentioned “mysterious soldier”) is sexy and that I’m curious about him, she told me that I “should be curious” because he’s going to have a larger role in book two of the Dustlands series. Sweet. I like insider information (although I guess it’s no longer insider information because I’m telling you).

Blood Red Road is for fans of adventures and strong female heroines and subtle, but oh-so-sweet romances. Like The Hunger Games? Check this out.


If Axie were a book, she would be a young adult one featuring a kick-butt heroine in a fantastical setting, or maybe a middle-grade one about a boy coming-of-age (even though she is a 21 year old female). She likes to eat, watch shows (reality t.v., Korean dramas, and anime), read, read, read, sleep, and then dream (in that order). You probably can’t find her lolling about online, since her online presence is sorely lacking, but she is very friendly and would speak to you if you spoke to her. 

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