Pure by Julianna Baggott: Trailer on Figment

You live in Dome. You’re Pure. You’re clean, untouched by the devastation outside of your city’s walls, unscathed by the war that has ravaged the humanity beyond Dome’s protection.

Or you’re like Pressia. Broken. Damaged. Living in a world where the air, the water, and everything in between could kill you. Waiting for the people in Dome to help. Waiting for them to save you.

The world of Julianna Baggott’s soon-to-be-released Pure is amazing. It’s dark and twisted and complex. And we’re thrilled that we’ll be featuring Pure and Julianna Baggott on Figment once the book is released. Take a look at the trailer for the book, and try not to die of anticipation as you wait for the publication date!

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