Happy Holidays from Jennifer Knight!

It’s official, Figs: the weather is getting frightful, the mistletoe has been hung, the lights are twinkling–the holidays are upon us! To celebrate, we’ve asked some of our favorite authors to share holiday memories with us. Tune in all through December to get in the holiday spirit!

Jennifer Knight‘s first book, Blood on the Moon, came out last summer. Her novel tells a supernatural story of werewolves, romance, and murder on a college campus. Knight is a self-proclaimed lover of romance, and her take on the holidays is a cozy reminder of the love and cheer we spread at this time of year. 

To me, the holidays have always been a romantic time. Everyone’s giving gifts–whether they’re diamond rings or simple hugs—spreading love and cheer, and generally reveling in the quiet splendor of just being together. Not to mention the whole mistletoe thing.

As a teen, I used to wish Santa would bring me–not an iPod or a new pair of hot shoes–no, I wished for a hot guy. You know, someone to ring in the New Year with, someone to give an extra special gift to, or finally make good use of that mistletoe with (because let’s face it, those kisses from your grandma don’t cut it).

Maybe it’s because I’m naturally a romantic person–and yes, I was a little on the angsty side as a teen (blame it on my obsession with Shakespeare in Love and Titanic)—but my favorite Christmases were when I started dating my husband. We met when we were both in middle school and finally got together in junior year, meaning I was just sixteen. Finally, I had someone special to share my holidays with! And for me, that was the greatest gift a jolly fat man with a beard could have given me.

Well, that and a new laptop. Thanks Santa!

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