Like Choosing Your Favorite Child…

The Scorpio Races is Maggie Stiefvater’s favorite book she’s written.


Let that soak in.

That’s bestsellers like Shiver and Linger completely kicked to the curb in a HEARTBEAT. We’re like, “We know it’s tough, but try and pick your favo–”


So now it is your turn. We’re holding all of your stories hostage, and you can only save one. Pick your best-loved story and tag it thisonelives by 11:59p.m. on Monday, December 19, 2011. Our four favorites of the tagged stories will be featured on the front page, while the rest of your stories will be crying in the corner. Remember, this should be an existing story–your favorite of everything you’ve ever posted on Figment.

Why is The Scorpio Races Maggie’s favorite? Start reading it now to see why!

Congratulations to the winning entries! In no particular order, they were:
Visions Writtenby Melinda P.
Playing God
by S.K. Jarvis
The Second Time Around
by Ali Renee
Lesser Souls
by Jessica Ward

10 thoughts on “Like Choosing Your Favorite Child…

    • Hi Jazmin,

      The “winning” entries were handpicked figs this past Friday, 12/23. The winning entries will be posted above very soon.

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