Pretty Little Q-and-A

Addiction, noun. (/əˈdikSHən/) The inevitable consequence of watching more than five minutes of Pretty Little Liars. Merriam-Webster.

Maya Goldsmith is one of the people to blame for your addiction. As a writer for ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, she’s part of the team that writes those hate-them-LOVE-them cliffhangers that keep you coming back for more. And she’s coming to Figment to answer your questions. So if you have aspirations of being a screenwriter, or if you’re DYING for some PLL spoilers (though she’s probably a hard egg to crack), head to this forum by January 4 to post your question! Two question-submitters will win signed photos of the Pretty Little Liars cast, so post your questions now.

Also, make sure you’re Twitter-ready during the Pretty Little Liars marathon on January 2, cause you have a chance to win BIG. From 11:00 a.m. ET/PT to 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, @LittleLiars will be rewarding those tweeters that follow them and join in the #PrettyLittleSecrets marathon tweetstakes. Four tweeple every hour will win a copy of Pretty Little Secrets, which you can start reading here on Figment!

Whether you’re tweeting from your couch or posting a question from your class, always remember:

I’ve got my eyes on you.


One thought on “Pretty Little Q-and-A

  1. I’ve been dying to know… Are they keeping the same A on the show as they did in the books?
    I <3 PLL SO MUCH (AH January 2, I've been couting the days since the Halloween special!)!!!!

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