Daily Themes Update!

Ready to write more this year? Sign up for Daily Themes and you’ll receive a writing prompt in your email inbox every weekday through March 30. You do not need to respond to every prompt, nor must you respond to the prompt on the day it is presented, but you must have at least ten (10) published Figment books tagged DailyThemes to receive the new, Daily Themes badge. How you do it is up to you–create a Figment book (with five chapters) for each week of themes; create a new book for each theme; group your themes in books by genre of element of writing craft. What matters is that you’re writing. So, ready, get set, GO WRITE!

22 thoughts on “Daily Themes Update!

  1. I signed up for the daily themes with my email address, but I haven’t gotten the prompt for today. what’s up with that?

  2. But, but… I wanted to do one book, instead of having a bunch of them for one purpose. Perhaps you could do ten chapters in one book?

    Either I do something I really don’t want to, or I don’t get the badge. I want the badge, but if I have to have ten books to do it, I don’t think I’ll get it. I don’t want to clutter my brain or my page with that. Please fix this dilemma of mine!

  3. So for each prompt, five chapters are needed? If yes, for the one today, (letter or email to yourself from somebody else) could we write the letters to us, then we reply, and etc?

    • Hi Ashley,

      It can be however you’d like! Our “suggestion” is that you make one book per week and put your responses for the week in the book as chapters. But really: this is up to you. There are no rules.

    • Hi Akeisha,

      If you have already signed up to receive the prompts in your inbox, just click ‘Create Something New’ to publish a book, and tag it “dailythemes” in the ‘Details’ section. You may create a new book for every prompt, put all your prompts in one book, or create a new book every week. It is completely up to you!

  4. So does the book need to be 5 chapters? I have published ten books with dailythemes, but most of them are only 2 chapters. Does that mean they do not qualify for the badge? 🙁

    • Hey Sophia-

      The number of chapters doesn’t matter, just ten books tagged dailythemes. They books must be published, though, not saved as drafts. Are all of yours public?


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