Daily Themes: Week One Roundup

What do you mean you haven’t signed up for Figment Daily Themes yet? Where have you been all this time? Lucky for you, there’s still time to rev your writing engine, pump out some great stories, and make 2012 a year of writing every day.

Do you have to write every day? No, but Figs who respond to the prompts regularly (and tag their pieces DailyThemes) will receive a badge full of sparkle and shine–I mean, we’re not saying the badge is exclusive, but–it’s super exclusive.

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January 2, 2012: “Affirmations (I’m good enough, I’m smart enough…) tell us a lot about how a person sees herself and what characteristics she values and wishes to achieve. In journal form, write an affirmation for a character that hints at his deepest fears about himself, as well as his wildest dreams.”

January 3, 2012: “Set a scene during the set-up for an elaborate event (like a feast, a ceremony, a press conference).  During the set-up, something goes terribly, terribly wrong. Your narrator is in the center of the action but not a part of it (though he or she may have witnessed this type of event before).”

January 4, 2012: “Describe in detail the few moments before a character is about to do something he or she is mortally afraid of. How does the anticipation affect her physically and emotionally? How does he gear himself up? And what happens next?”

January 5, 2012, brought to you by Nell Freudenberger: “Write a letter (or an email) to yourself from someone else.  The author of the letter can be real or imaginary, someone you know well or a distant acquaintance.  The person should be someone you’re curious about, someone who’s done something that’s hurt, baffled or mystified you.  Give the author of the letter enough space to really explain things to you in his or her own voice.”

January 6, 2012: “You’re on an airplane, mid-flight, when one of the overhead bins suddenly opens. Three bags fall out, spilling their contents up and down the aisle. Describe the three bags and what was in each. Through your descriptions, show us who their owners are and what those people are like. Added challenge: Turn those bags into characters. Try using personification and other forms of figurative language to make the baggage itself have, well, baggage.”

6 thoughts on “Daily Themes: Week One Roundup

  1. I have a question?! Today (January 10th) I’ve decided to start doing the daily themes. Yesterday I signed up and I got the prompt for January 9th in my inbox? But today is January 10th! Can I still post my (january 9th) daily theme on figment today (January 10th)?! Will i still get a badge? Or can I only post the January 10th prompt, which I hadn’t received in my inbox yet even though today is January 10th? please help ASAP??! also another question; can we start answering the daily prompts any day or do we NEED to start on Jan. 2 and stop on Mar. 30? Because I just joined yesterday…??

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