Jessica Rules the Dark Side Contest Finalists

In Jessica Rules the Dark Side, Jessica is a vampire princess who’s being plagued with dreams of wooden stakes, so for the Jessica Rules the Dark Side contest,we asked you to write a story including a dream or a nightmare. The results were even better than we dreamed they would be! (Seewhatwedidthere?)

Congrats to these Figs, whose imaginative and haunting entries will be sent to Beth Fantaskey for the final round of judging.

The finalists, in no particular order, are:
The Color of Death by Katharine Elizabeth
Time Will Tell by Sally Sparrow
A Slacker Saved Her by Gabriell Struble
Killing Me Softly by Temptedfiction
Wisps of Eternal Sleep by amarakatnisst
Dreamscape by Amarantine
The Bookstore by Rachel Corinne
Circles by G. Gomez
After Her Death by NR Encarnacion
His World by Megan M.

All three winners will receive copies of Jessica Rules the Dark Side. In addition, the first-place winner will receive a Figment tote and retractable vampire fangs, and the second-place winner will receive an “I Heart Vampires” pin. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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