Darren Hayes: Secret Codes and Battleships

No one does sweet, sentimental pop quite like Darren Hayes. He’s a bit like Shakespeare in my book, especially with his latest album, Secret Codes and Battleships. It’s all about love and keeping it together (sort of), and is filled with beautiful and vivid imagery. I thought it’d be appropriate, given that people seem to be breaking up (Heidi and Seal, anyone?), and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

The album opens with “Taken by the Sea.” It starts off almost like a lullaby, but at points feels like a prayer or a plea of sorts with its hymn-like quality. “Lay me down, slay me with whispers,” the singer croons. It’s followed by “Nearly Love,” which sounds happy and upbeat, but upon closer listen you’ll find the lyrics much more Edward-esque. “Your body can move in close, but my heart is a lonesome ghost, I’d never feel you anyway.” Despite the tradgedy, it makes a refreshing tune with its almost-retro, sunny quality.

Black Out the Sun” follows with drama and desperation. “Turn all the fruit into bitter wine, it was only sweet when you were mine.” This is one of my favorites, though it’s a fairly tragic song. I also recommend checking out the video for this one; dementors make a cameo. It took me a while to piece everything together, but how fitting! All happiness being sucked out, and dementors dancing in the background. There’re many things to love about this song if you like emotional and dramatic expression.

You’ll see that most songs on the album are very slow-dance-worthy, and great bedtime music. Darren’s voice is oh-so-soothing, and the vibe of the album is actually like the sea. Very gentle at times, and relentless at others. The imagery and lyrics are particular winners. Secret Codes and Battleships immerses the listener in a journey that is both poetic and tumultuous.

I’m really glad that the album also included an inspirational track. “Roses” is really thought-provoking for me. It chucks the listener into a state where there are only twenty-three hours left of life! Basically, the message is to live without regrets.

So go check out this album, guys! No regrets!

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