Winners of the Pretty Little Secrets Contest!

I’m not one to give attention to others on a whim. Why? Because no one else is quite as interesting. But I have to say–even I was impressed by how well these two kept their secrets. They’re not telling. And neither am I. Until next time, frenemies.

– F

Congratulations to the winners of the Pretty Little Secrets Contest, judged by Sara Shepard, author of the Pretty Little Liars series.

First Place: Deadly Wealth” by Lorem Ipsum
Second Place: The Guardians” by Anna Hirsch

Of the entries, Sara said:

Hello my darling Figsters. It was such an honor and a privilege to read through these amazing, creative, scandalous, and sometimes funny stories about my very favorite topic in the world– secrets. And oh, the secrets you concocted! An AA meeting of freaks, twins who switched places (in a completely different way than in PLL or TLG), a girl who poisoned her parents’ glasses of wine, and many, many, many group murders. These secrets were so juicy I wish I’d thought of them! If only everyone could get the grand prize– huzzah to you for submitting your work in the first place, as I feel that’s the hardest part. However, I had to choose just one winner. This was how I was judging the entries:

– The voice (Could I hear the character in my head? Was it a unique voice, one I hadn’t heard before?)
– What’s at stake (How dangerous was this secret? What did the main character risk if he/she told?)
– The secret itself
– How the story was told (From an outsider, looking in? From the killer’s sister?)
– General creativity
– Nitpicky stuff, like pacing, grammar, details, etc.

Although I thought all of the submissions were amazing, I felt like a lot of them were introductions to something that was going to be longer– almost prologues that would start an amazing novel. I totally understand– I haven’t been limited to 1500 words in a long time, and I doubt I could do it either! So being that I had three stories in my number one spot, three stories that I thought really nailed the voice, language, pacing, etc., I narrowed it down to the story that seemed complete, an evil little tale called “Deadly Wealth” by Lorem Ipsum. Congratulations!! And fantastic writing, all!

Both winners will receive signed copies of Ruthless and Pretty Little Secrets, and first place will also receive a Figment tee-shirt. Click here to read the finalist entries. Thanks to everyone who entered!


3 thoughts on “Winners of the Pretty Little Secrets Contest!

  1. Congratulations to Lorem Ipsum, you’re story was great! And congrats to Anna Hirsch, your story was just as great too! I didn’t even care if I won or not, I just wanted Sara Shepard’s feedback on my story, even if she was speaking to all of us in that last post.

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